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Culture and ethics

Ethical behaviours and a healthy corporate culture are critical to long term success.  What Matters in Culture and Ethics provides you with resources, development and branch events you can use to set the tone from the top, and hold management to account on ethical practices and risk.

Ethical behaviours and a healthy corporate culture are critical to long term success. Creating a “best practice” culture that goes beyond compliance is about much more than avoiding conduct risk, it’s about fostering a culture of innovation and trust where employees feel they are able to perform.

Directors set the tone of an organisation from the top, modelling what good and ethical culture looks like and creating the backbone of the organisation’s values.  Boards are also in a unique position to test and measure culture, checking that management’s reporting on the organisation is in line with its values and strategic vision.


Whistleblowing, Speak Up culture, and the boardDirectorsBrief 
2018/6: Whistleblowing, Speak Up culture, and the board

Trust and accountability are among an organisation’s greatest assets, and key components of the relationship it has with its stakeholders. Trust is earned through consistent behaviour and actions, and when this trust is lost through poor management of misconduct, it takes considerable time and energy to restore. This DirectorsBrief explores whistleblowing and Speak Up arrangements, and the board’s role in ensuring ethical conduct in the organisations they govern. Download PDF

Later in the year, the GLC will release a Culture Metrics brief to help you assess and measure the culture of your organisation.

Our June/ July edition of BoardRoom is dedicated to the theme of Culture and Ethics and features articles on creating positive and ethical cultures, ethical leadership, supply chains, and generational diversity in the boardroom. Read more

The Four Pillars of  Governance Best Practice contains a section on Ethics (section 2.2).
- The ethical values demonstrated by the board influence organisational behaviour and culture.
- Ethical behaviour means applying ethical values to real situations.
- An ethical culture with consistent integrity and sound ethical behaviour is simply good business.

Recorded webcast

Free webcast for all members
Culture and ethics: Integrity and conduct in the public sector – governance in the fishbowl

A recording of a live webcast held as part of the What Matters – Culture and ethics theme is now available for members to view. The panel chaired by Helen Anderson, with Al Morrison, Anne Urlwin and Sue Suckling discussed integrity and conduct in the public sector – governance in the fishbowl. Members can view the recorded webcast at the below link. The webcast attracts 2 CPD points which members can record on their CPD dashboards.  View the webcast.

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