• Director Development

    Develop your director skills

    No matter what career stage, astute directors take every opportunity to enhance their skills and board competencies.

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  •  Ellen Hodgetts

    New to directorship?

    If you are new to a directorship and are looking for an overview of the practical, legal and strategic issues surrounding the role of a director.

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    Ellen Hodgetts, Vice-President, Academy of Fine Arts


  •  Melissa Clark-Reynolds

    Governance and your business 

    Learn how a board or advisory board might help you grow your business.


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    Melissa Clark-Reynolds


  • How can you make your board better

    How can you improve your board?

    Our range of services are aimed at ensuring your board is the best it can be.

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  • Director Development

    Develop your director skills

  • Ellen Hodgetts

    New to directorship?

  • Melissa Clark-Reynolds

    Governance and your business

  • How to make your board better

    How can you improve your board?

On the radar

  • April-May Boardroom magazine

    The business of doing good

    Sir Stephen Tindall has been named New Zealander of the year. He talks about life after building the retail giant The Warehouse.

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  • Going Public, Staying Public

    Learn the ins and outs of the listing process from high profile director guest speakers, who impart their personal insights and knowledge on this fascinating topic.

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  • Directors' Fees Survey

    Participate in the 2015 survey

    The IoD Directors’ Fees Survey achieves depth and coverage by collecting information on directors’ fees and duties, both from a company and a member perspective. 

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Board Services

  • BetterBoards

    Best practice boards commit to evaluation for continuous improvement.

    BetterBoards is an online evaluation and appraisal tool that helps boards identify their strengths and weaknesses, assess their performance, as individuals and as a whole, and determine opportunities to become better at what they do.

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  • DirectorSearch

    Searching for a new director for your board?

    When looking for a new director, you should cast the net wide enough to ensure you find the best person for the job while achieving the optimal skills balance for the board as a whole.

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  • DirectorVacancies

    Finding directors to suit all sizes of organisation.

    Advertise your governance role to IoD members on the Director Vacancy Noticeboard. It's a cost effective way to reach New Zealand’s largest pool of director talent.

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  • DirectorRem

    Are you paying enough to attract and retain your board members?

    Increasing demands are being placed on directors to perform. Remuneration needs to be set at the right level to attract, motivate and retain the best people who can drive growth and performance for your organisation.

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  • GovernanceAdvice

    Tailored advice based on best practice

    Recognising that every board is different and face a range of issues unique to their operating environment, the IoD provides tailored advice on all aspects of governance.

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Director Development

  • Company Directors'

    An essential five day course for directors and aspiring directors.

    The course comes alive through discussion, debate, challenging conversations and case studies, with board simulation exercises highlighting the unpredictable nature of business and the human nature of directorship.

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  • Strategy Essentials

    Understand the fundamentals of strategy development in a boardroom setting.

    Strategy Essentials delivers an understanding of the fundamentals of strategy development and helps you to actively participate in this process, encourage ‘big picture’ thinking, and steer an organisation to a better future.

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  • Health and Safety

    Complete this online module over one to two hours, whenever you choose.

    This online module builds on the Good Governance Practices Guideline for Managing Health and Safety Risks.

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  • Finance Essentials

    Get a comprehensive overview of the key financial information you require to confidently perform your duties.

    Finance Essentials prepares you to use and oversee financial information and processes – both of which are critical elements of holding an  organisation to account on behalf of stakeholders.

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  • Chairing the Board

    Take a step up from a director role and learn about the chair’s role.

    Become a chair who excels in influencing board performance, composition, balance, and culture. All while ensuring the board is following governance best practice and has the right policies and structures in place.

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  • Not-for-Profit
    Governance Essentials

    Grasp the differences in the not-for-profit sector which impact on the governance of NFP organisations.

    In this course, you’ll grasp the differences in the not-for-profit (NFP) sector which impact on the governance of NFP organisations while gaining a framework for governance and board operations.

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  • Audit and Risk

    Gain the tools to set up an audit and/or risk committee and optimise committee performance.

    You’ll leave this course with the tools to setup an audit and/or risk committee to achieve the board’s objectives and to optimise committee performance. You’ll also gain an understanding of committee requirements and formalities.

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