• Lorraine Whitten

    Step up | Join up

    Step up to best practice governance and be part of the network of directors committed to excellence in governance.

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    Lorraine Witten, Chartered Fellow

  • Director Development

    Develop your director skills

    No matter what career stage, astute directors take every opportunity to enhance their skills and board competencies.

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  •  Melissa Clark-Reynolds

    Governance and your business 

    Learn how a board or advisory board might help you grow your business.


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    Melissa Clark-Reynolds


  • How can you make your board better

    How can you improve your board?

    Our range of services are aimed at ensuring your board is the best it can be.

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  • Step up | Join up

    Step up to best practice governance

  • Director Development

    Develop your director skills

  • Melissa Clark-Reynolds

    Governance and your business

  • How to make your board better

    Services to support your board

On the radar

  • The essentials of being a director

    The essentials of being a director

    A guide, developed by the IoD and the Financial Markets Authority, sets out the essentials of being a director.


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  • Company Directors' Course

    Company Directors' Course

    If you’re serious about developing your director skills, seeing a step change in your performance at the board table or becoming a Chartered Member, the CDC is essential.

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  • The challenges and rewards of governing Te Papa

    Governance at the museum

    Te Papa chair Evan Williams talks about the challenges and rewards of governing the national museum.

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Board Services

  • BetterBoards

    Best practice boards commit to evaluation for continuous improvement.

    BetterBoards is an online evaluation and appraisal tool that helps boards identify their strengths and weaknesses, assess their performance, as individuals and as a whole, and determine opportunities to become better at what they do.

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  • DirectorSearch

    Searching for a new director for your board?

    When looking for a new director, you should cast the net wide enough to ensure you find the best person for the job while achieving the optimal skills balance for the board as a whole.

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  • DirectorVacancies

    Finding directors to suit all sizes of organisation.

    Advertise your governance role to IoD members on the Director Vacancy Noticeboard. It's a cost effective way to reach New Zealand’s largest pool of director talent.

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  • DirectorRem

    Are you paying enough to attract and retain your board members?

    Increasing demands are being placed on directors to perform. Remuneration needs to be set at the right level to attract, motivate and retain the best people who can drive growth and performance for your organisation.

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  • GovernanceAdvice

    Tailored advice based on best practice

    Recognising that every board is different and face a range of issues unique to their operating environment, the IoD provides tailored advice on all aspects of governance.

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Director Development

  • Company Directors'

    A fundamental five day course for directors and senior executives working with boards.

    If you’re serious about developing your director skills, seeing a step change in your performance at the board table or becoming a Chartered Member, the five day Company Directors’ Course is essential.

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  • Essentials of

    For aspiring and new directors, and senior executives who interact with a board.

    This comprehensive series of one day courses delivers a rewarding introduction and insight into the roles and responsibilities of the board and individual directors.

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  • Chairing the Board

    Take a step up from a director role and learn about the chair’s role.

    Become a chair who excels in influencing board performance, composition, balance, and culture. All while ensuring the board is following governance best practice and has the right policies and structures in place.

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  • Ethics - How directors
    do business

    Complete this self-paced learning online module over one to two hours, whenever you choose.

    Interactive group discussions are a key component of this course, placing you in realistic scenarios, offering the chance to share experiences and examine the common and complex issues that chairs face.

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  • Rural Governance

    The agri-business focused alternative to Governance Essentials.

    Gain insights into the benefits that a board can bring to an agri-business, and the fundamental responsibilities of a board and individual directors in a distinctly rural context. 

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  • Public Company

    Directing on the board of a publicly listed company provides a unique set of challenges. 

    Understand the aspects of directorship which are distinct to public companies and essential to being a successful public company director.

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  • Digital Essentials

    Do you want to ensure your organisation is taking advantage of all the opportunities created by the digital world?

    Gain a fundamental understanding of the influences in this digital era with this interactive workshop. 

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