What Matters - A World of Data

A World of Data

We have access to more data than ever. But are we accessing the right data, are we using it effectively, and is it secure? Take advantage of the opportunities data presents for your business and learn how to manage the risks with What Matters – A World of Data.

Over 90% of all data was generated in the past two years of human existence and it is estimated that by 2020 there will be over 5000 gigabytes of data for every human on the planet.

We are connected through this data, but our devices, apps and cookies create trails of the journeys we undertake each day. One of the key challenges facing us as digital citizens is negotiating the privacy challenges that arise from this access to data. Directors will need to be aware of changing national and regional legislation, as well as the consequences of potential cyber breaches.


2018/7: The Privacy Bill- how will it impact your organisation? 
A lot has changed since the Privacy Act 1993 came into effect 25 years ago. The growth of the internet and the digital economy, as well as the emergence of new technologies, have changed the way organisations operate and how personal information is used. Download PDF 

2018/5: Are you ready for GDPR
Does your organisation have customers, clients or employees, who are European Union (EU) citizens? The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) came into force in May 2018, and this far reaching regime covers some New Zealand organisations doing business with the European Union (EU) and processing the data of EU citizens. This DirectorsBrief provides an overview of key elements of the GDPR, including data protection principles and steps to prepare. Download PDF

Cyber-Risk Practice GuideCyber-Risk Practice Guide
Put cybersecurity on the agenda before it becomes the agenda. This guide provides boards with five useful principles to help them understand and monitor cyber-risk, develop strategies for seeking assurance, and oversee management. It also poses critical questions directors have a duty to ask. View guide

The Four Pillars of Governance Best Practice: Section 3.6 Technology and Information Governance
Technology and information governance are about understanding the risks and opportunities for the organisation.

Webcast: A World of Data

A recording of a live webcast, held as part of the What Matters – A World of Data theme, is available for members to view.  The discussion was facilitated by Kirsten Patterson, and included panelists Joanna Perry, Ben Kepes and Sam Knowles who discussed how companies are benefiting from the strategic use of data.  The webcast attracts 2 CPD points which members can record on their CPD dashboards. View webcast.


Privacy Commissioner John Edwards talks about the proposed changes to privacy legislation and what directors need to be aware of.

Digital Suitcase

As part of the What Matters- World of Data series, IoD members have been offered a discount on the Digital Suitcase course offered through Tech Futures Lab. More information about this offer here.