Are you onboard with health and safety?

At the IoD we're committed to raising awareness of the importance of good health and safety practice and educating directors about their new roles and responsibilities. On April 4 the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 came into force, and we’ve put together a resource package to support our members in meeting their new obligations under the Act.




Health and Safety Guide: Good Governance for Directors

The updated guide, put together with WorkSafe New Zealand, outlines essential elements of health and safety governance, and provides advice to directors on how to meet health and safety obligations. Aimed at all entities, the guide has particular application for medium-to-large sized organisations (eg 20 or more employees). 

Setting out director and management responsibilities the guide offers questions designed to help directors and boards determine how well they are meeting responsibilities and to identify areas for improvement.

What’s new?
The new guide reflects the requirements of the new Act including director duties and liabilities. It also includes:

  • the Safety Governance Pathway to help directors determine the safety governance maturity of the organisation
  • sample terms of reference for a Board Health and Safety Committee.



Health and safety leadership - a guide for small to medium business owners and company directors

This guide is for directors, owners and managers of small-to medium-sized businesses. It’s designed to give you an overview of the most important things you need to know and do about health and safety.

Director Checklist

As a director, your organisation’s health and safety risk is just as important as it’s financial performance and reputational risk and it should receive the same focus.

The Director Checklist provides key questions directors can ask to provide leadership, hold management to account, and create a healthy and safe workplace culture.

Director Development

Good health and safety governance is about having a demonstrable plan and a pro-active approach to making the workplace as safe as it can be. Our online module and Experienced Director Masterclass will offer practical guidance and thought leadership to help you make a difference at the board table.

Health and Safety Governance - online module

With the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, this module has been updated with legislative changes, making explicit the directors proactive duty to exercise due diligence regarding matters of health and safety. Complete this self-paced learning online module over one to two hours, whenever you choose.

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Advanced Health and Safety Governance

In this applied interactive course you will explore the health and safety responsibilities of the board, your own resposibilities and discuss how to apply Health and Safety legislation in real life scenarios. 

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Monitoring what matters

Monitoring what mattersMonitoring what matters is a guide produced in a partnership between the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum and WorkSafe New Zealand. The booklet is intended to add substance to conversations between CEOs, boards, executives and health and safety practitioners as you work to identify critical indicators needed to understand health and safety performance in your business. The exemplar Health and Safety dashboards included on pages 16-19 are particularly valuable for boards considering the form in which they wish to receive reports.