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Advanced Directors' Course

The Advanced Directors’ Course is an immersive three and a half day course designed for skilled directors tackling complex governance issues and challenges, and looking to hone their leadership skills.

Registration is by application only for this course. See below to apply.

3 Days
Price for members
$7,500.00 incl GST
Price for non-members
$9,200.00 incl GST
Regional Business Partner Network Funding

Course description

The ADC is governance rewired for exceptional directors – you will be exposed to cutting edge governance thought leadership that focusses on real-world issues and challenges. This course has been created for skilled directors as a progression after completing the Company Directors’ Course.

The curriculum focuses on three key themes - board leadership, cultural intelligence and climate awareness, and each day focusses on a different facet of being a director - you, your board and practical governance. We offer a fully immersive learning opportunity, which allows for greater connection with your cohort and the highly experienced directors that will be leading you through this course.

Course details

7 – 10 August 2022
11 – 14 September 2022
22 – 25 November 2022

QT Hotel Wellington and Wharewaka function centre.

See more detailed information about the course 

Who should attend?

Participants are selected as part of our application process to ensure everyone attending has the right mix of skill sets and experience to create a strong and vibrant learning experience.

To get the most from this course you will need to:

  • be an IoD Chartered Member with at least three years board experience


  • have attended the IoD Company Directors’ Course (or an international equivalent);
  • have held positions on multiple boards of qualifying organisations*, and
  • have held these positions for at least five years.

If you have any questions around these pre-requisites feel free to contact us on 0800 846 369 or

Apply now member

Apply now non-member

* What is a qualifying organisation?

A qualifying organisation has separate executive and governance functions, in the opinion of our council. For example, a qualifying corporation would have, in the council’s opinion, a meaningful separation of the roles of senior managers from those of members of the board of directors.

The organisation’s size and sector do not matter – not-for-profit, school, and trust board members can qualify.

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