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Culture and Boards

Governance, culture and COVID-19 are inextricably linked, so explore how directors can drive a more effective, efficient organisation, from the top down, during disruption.

There are no upcoming dates for ‘Culture and Boards’. Express your interest in this course so we can contact you when it becomes available.
1 Hour
Price for members
$120.00 incl GST
Price for non-members
$150.00 incl GST
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Course description

The impact that COVID-19 is having on New Zealand businesses is far reaching, so how can Director’s drive a more positive and effective culture within your organisation? What does this mean for your leadership team and the support that you can offer your most important resource – people.

In this live webinar with Lynda Carroll, you will explore different tools and models to maximise the value from your organisational culture and drive leadership behaviours that support your people during COVID-19 and beyond . You will come away knowing how the board can influence the culture of an entity and understand the risks of not aligning culture with the strategy.

Course format

One-hour live webinar

Content covered

  • Understand how culture adds value during this time of uncertainty and disruption.
  • Have a process to ensure organisation’s culture is fit for purpose .
  • Have the tools to support and check-in with management on culture during COVID-19 and beyond.
  • Influence the organisation's culture from the board.
  • Oversee and monitor the culture.
  • Support your people in this uncertain time to drive effective organisational culture.

Who should attend

Anyone working on or with a board who wants to align their organisation's culture with their strategy.

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