In-house training

Your board has to navigate unique challenges. It performs best when its members learn and develop together as a team to reach successful strategic outcomes.

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The Institute of Directors’ in-house training is a tailored collegial learning experience delivered to your board at a venue and time of your choice, by the most relevant governance experts.

What we offer

Our in-house training team will discuss your requirements and develop and deliver short courses or programmes specific to your board's needs. Depending on what you want to achieve, we offer in-house delivery of:

  • existing public courses or programmes
  • courses contextualised for your organisation, sector and environment tailored courses and programmes.


Public courses delivered in-house

Any of the courses that the IoD delivers publically can be delivered in house for your whole board, management team or governance stakeholders.

Contextualised and tailored courses

In-house training facilitators are directors in their own right. They use their experience to deliver courses in the unique context of your organisation and sector adding value with case studies and examples. They give personal insights and make succinct, relevant and insightful learning experiences out of complex, real-world scenarios your board can relate to.

New courses and programmes

When our public course content cannot be contextualised or tailored to meet your needs, we can partner with you to develop new courses and programmes to meet your organisation’s goals.

How we help

Our facilitators create a collegial, confidential and safe setting for your board members to  learn, debate, and improve their skills and motivation as a team.

Our in-house training utilises content from The Four Pillars of Governance Best Practice, and our resources and knowledge gained as the membership organisation dedicated to professionalising governance in New Zealand.

In-house training is the most cost-effective solution for training your board, committee or governance group. 

How it works

Our in-house training is flexible in its content and approach. It ranges from in-house delivery of our public courses to new training developed for your organisational context and the strategic outcomes you want to achieve.

  1. You meet with us to discuss your training goals
  2. We discuss your board’s learning needs with you. We assess the maturity of your organisation’s governance and identify your learning goals and  scenarios
  3. In partnership we develop a draft proposal with an indication of outcomes, costs, dates and times
  4. We plan the training programme to achieve your learning goals and pair it with the right facilitator
  5. The chosen facilitator leads the training with your board
  6. We follow up with a post-training evaluation to make sure your board has achieved its goals.

Training courses take from a half-day to a full week. Continuing capability development programmes take as long as you need.

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DHBs operate in quite a different environment to public companies so when the tailored Finance Essentials training used the DHB’s reports and materials it made financial governance real for our board and committee members. It was a very practical and informative session and a great investment.
- Phil Sunderland, Chairman MidCentral DHB