Membership benefits

We provide a range of member benefits including access to the latest thinking and emerging trends in governance, networking, governance courses, events and resources.

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Find board opportunities

Build your board career. Our services for members help you find opportunities.

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Professional development

Develop your suitability for selection. Commit to lifelong learning. We provide a range of professional development opportunities.

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Our events help you build your networks and provide opportunities for your contribution to be recognised.

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Keep updated

We help you keep up with the latest in governance through our articles, publications and continuing professional development.

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Find guidance

Our resources help you show your commitment to professional standards and governance best practice.

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Find services for your boards

Our consultancy helps you make your board the best it can be.

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Special offers

Get special rates and discounts for hotel rooms, meeting rooms, car rental, insurance and risk management services.

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Membership responsibilities

The IoD is a voluntary professional association of people committed to promoting the highest standards of governance in New Zealand.

Legal responsibilities

The legal duties of a corporate director are outlined in the Companies Act 1993. Breaches of the Act may be prosecuted in the courts by regulatory agencies.

The Code of Practice

We ask members to read and adhere to the IoD's Code of Practice for Directors. This provides guidance to help you carry out your governance duties  to the highest standards.

The Charter

Chartered members are also required to confirm the The Charter when they renew their membership annually.

Termination of membership

As the professional body for directors it is our responsibility to promote standards. If a member of the IoD acts in a manner that compromises or is likely to compromise the IoD or its members the IoD may terminate their membership. For more information, see Rules 4.8 and 9 of The Constitution.  

If you have a complaint about a current IoD member, contact us.