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By Sonia Yee, Senior Advisor – Communications and Media, IoD
17 Jan 2023
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Across the Board is a new documentary podcast series that challenges some of the stereotypical thinking on what goes on in the boardroom – how governance impacts our lives – and why we should take notice now, more than ever.

Across the Board is presented by IoD CEO Kirsten Patterson and award winning documentary producer Sonia Yee. 

Episode 1: A seat at the table

What is governance and what does it mean to get a seat at the table?

What does it mean to have a seat at the table when you’re sitting on a board? This first episode of Across the Board looks at what it takes to get your first board role as well as breaking down some old  stereotypes. Kirsten Patterson and Sonia Yee delve into the responsibility and role of boards, and look at how the decision making process trickles down through an organisation.

With Hugo Bedford, Dr Jim McAloon, Angela Swann-Cronin, Rhiannon McKinnon, Dr Michael Fraser, Clare Swallow, Dr Duncan Webb

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Episode 2: The changing face of boardrooms

Boards no longer look like they used to. The cultural makeup of boards is changing to reflect the societal shift that is happening around us. But what does that look like for people of colour who are suddenly given the role to speak on behalf of all ethnic communities? Where do those who identify as disabled or gender fluid fit on boards, and what does it mean to have a voice and push for change in the face of adversity? You’ll hear all this and more.

With Dr Jim McAloon, Rhiannon McKinnon, Dr Michael Fraser, Dr Duncan Webb, Vanisa Dhiru,Kauri Tearaura, Paula Browning, Minnie Baragwanath, Jo Cribb 

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Episode 3: Hands on the loud hailer

Social movements are influencing the way directors need to think about the broader implications of the decisions they make and the customers, stakeholders and communities they serve. But does that mean having a loud hailer at the ready?

This third episode addresses the potential pitfalls and responsibilities for boards when dealing with wider social issues like racism, gender inequality, sexual harrassment and modern slavery, including the proposed changes to the Company Directors Amendment Bill.

With Jo Cribb, Rhiannon McKinnon, Lani Evans, Dr Duncan Webb, Kevin Kenrick, Lola Toppin-Casserly, Dr Emily Beausoleil, Dr Christina Stringer

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Episode 4: The domino effect

With the weight of so much pressure, dealing with stress at the top isn’t always easy.

The Domino Effect looks at gas-lighting and what it’s like to be bullied in the boardroom, including personal portraits of how anxiety, isolation,depression and stress at the top has played out for directors affecting their sense of self, their family lives and their ability to stay ‘checked in.’ It also explores the challenges of speaking out, the impact of stress on the body and mind and how that plays out under the weight of the decision making process.

With Tina Jenen, Paul Dykzeul, Kevin Kenrick,  Taimi Allen, Dr Emily Beausoleil, Ross Townshend

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Episode 5: Head in the trees 

Climate action is a matter of urgency that affects society at large and is now at the forefront of Director duties. But what kinds of issues are boards tackling and how will their decisions affect the rest of us? Head in the Trees looks at the importance of climate governance across a range of industries beyond the primary sector to the practical measures being taken to limit global warming and prevent a catastrophic climate disaster.

With Emily Miller-Sharma, Rod Carr, Graine Troute, Thomas Elliot, Kanika Jhunjhnuwala 

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Episode 6: Switched on

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. But while technology has granted us some freedoms and opportunities it also poses huge risks opening the floodgates for hackers and increasing the need for cyber security.  Switched On addresses innovation, the need for boards to stay alert, the benefits of integrating tech into the boardroom and the trickle-down effect on the well being of staff, as well as the changes and challenges presented by technology.

With Marian Johnson, David Bullock, Steven Renata, Sonya Williams, Leighton Roberts, Anchali Anandanayagam

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Episode 7: Failure vs success

Success can be achieved quietly over time, but sometimes it doesn’t come without failure. With so many changes happening in society sometimes dealing with new issues is about making it up as you go.  This final episode of Across the Board looks at how directors set the benchmark for success, but what it feels like when coming face-to-face with outright failure, including a legal perspective of the Main Zeal case that went to the Supreme Court in 2022. 

With Jonathan Forsey, Dr Smita Singh, Cameron McCulloch, Steven Renata, Dr Rod Carr, Emily Miller Sharma 

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Across the Board was produced by the Institute of Directors in partnership with NZME and iHeart Radio and proudly sponsored by ASB Bank.

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