Director fees

Regular review of fees helps you find and keep the best people for your board by striking the right balance of risk and reward.

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Setting board remuneration is complex. There is no "one-size fits all" model. You need to consider variables like industry, staff numbers, assets, and turnover, as well as the unique context of your organisation and its governance roles.

Independent, transparent, and evidence-based, our director fees services help you make sure your board members’ remuneration is in line with industry benchmarks and best practice.

In a board matter with no simple answers, our services tell a clear story and give sensible advice that you can use. They make the necessary discussion easier.

We offer four director fees services. We discuss your requirements with you, and develop and deliver a mix of services specific to your board's needs:

  1. Fees Tailored Review
  2. Fees Snapshot
  3. Fee Indicator
  4. IoD Directors Fees' Report


Setting director remuneration is a sensitive task for any board. The service from IoD was informed, responsive and efficient.
- Luc Shorter, Director Ed Collective Trust