Services for boards

We offer a suite of services to help your board be the best it can be. Whether you are setting up a board, recruiting new board members, setting director fees, reviewing board performance or up-skilling your board, the Institute of Directors can help.

magnifying glass board evaluations

Board evaluations

Regular evaluation of performance is governance best practice. We help you identify your board’s strengths and find ways it can work better.
red chair board appointments

Board appointments

Find the best people and the right balance of skills for your board. Our candidates are members, committed to professional standards.
numbers director fees

Director fees

Set fees at the right level to attract, motivate, and retain the best people for your board.
arrow in house training v2

In-house training

We put board training and continuing development in the context of your organisation, its unique operating environment, and strategic goals.
tailoring governance advisory

Governance advisory

Every board faces challenges. We provide tailored advice on all aspects of governance and development of your board.
Coaching mentoring

Coaching and mentoring

Access one-to-one coaching for you or your whole board.