Governance advisory

We recognise that all boards are unique. We provide tailored advice on all aspects of governance and development of your board.

Governance advisory complements in-house training. Boards use both when setting and reviewing governance strategy, structures, policies, practices, and operations in line with best practice.

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Tailored governance advice

Some challenges your board can’t meet with training alone. Governance advisory helps boards deal with issues like:

  • setting strategy
  • board charter
  • reporting and management/ board dynamics
  • compliance in areas like risk, and health and safety
  • board dynamics and conflict
  • challenges and the board’s direction

What we offer

With governance advisory, the Institute of Directors partners with you to deal with the issue.

Our advisory service addresses your board members as a team. Our independent facilitators create a collegial, safe setting for your boards’ frank discussion and robust debate.

In their aims and approach, our advisers put their governance expertise in the unique context of your organisation, environment, and goals.

We discuss your requirements with you, and develop and deliver a service specific to your board's needs. Advisers choose from a range of approaches, including:

  • mentoring and coaching
  • role shadowing
  • board observation
  • strategic planning sessions
  • review of governance structures
  • finding strengths and weaknesses
  • creating work timetables and checklists

How we help

Our network of advisers makes a mix of expertise available to your unique situation. It also brings their experience as established and leading directors and chairs. Our expert, independent advisers bring best practice and a fresh perspective to your discussion.

Our governance advisory draws on The Four Pillars of Governance Best Practice, and our resources and knowledge gained as the membership organisation dedicated to professionalising governance in New Zealand.

How it works

  1. We match your request with the right facilitator, discuss it with them, and outline our approach for you in a formal proposal.
  2. The facilitator works with you to develop and deliver the approach as activity contextualised for your organisation and its environment and strategic goals.
  3. The facilitator leads the activity with your board.

After the activity, the facilitator can create a report or other document specific to your board's needs.

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