Essentials courses

The suite of essential one-day courses are ideal for providing a framework of governance and the skills and responsibilities needed for a director role.

Build your confidence and competency around the board table.

Governance Essentials F2F

Governance Essentials

Learn the roles and responsibilities of the board and directors across a range of governance settings.
Finance Essentials face to face

Finance Essentials

Gain the confidence to challenge the financial reports and ask the right questions on behalf of your stakeholders or shareholders.
Strategy Essentials

Strategy Essentials

Learn the role of the board in developing strategy and how to formulate, develop, and communicate it across the organisation.
Risk Essentials

Risk Essentials

Risk is a crucial factor to consider in any organisation. This course will provide you with the tools to identify, manage and govern risk.
Not for Profit Governance Essentials

Not-for-Profit Governance Essentials

Understand the boards’ role and the unique challenges within a not-for-profit environment.
Rural Governance Essentials v2

Rural Governance Essentials

Harness the power of a board for your agribusiness with robust processes and good decision making.

Company Directors' Course

Develop your director skills and step up your performance at the board table

Company Directors' Course

Our week-long course is a game changer for new directors and senior executives

The Company Directors' Course provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a simulated board experience and is accompanied by best-practice governance theory delivered by expert directors.

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