Board evaluations

Your board defines the culture and operating style of your organisation. You need to understand how it performs. 

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What we do

The Institute of Directors evaluates boards independently and in line with best practice. We help you evaluate:

  1. the whole board
  2. the chair
  3. individual board members
  4. the chief executive.
Find how your board performs in areas like:
  • role and purpose
  • culture and capability
  • conformance and performance
  • stakeholders.

With regular evaluations, you can see how your board is performing over time.

Our board evaluation services

We discuss your requirements with you, and develop and deliver a mix of services specific to your board's needs. We offer:

  1. Online evaluation
  2. Evaluation session
  3. Evaluation Snapshot
We were able to take feedback on our board activities and put an action plan in place for improvements. It was also a great way to learn what common and best practices are available
- The Board of BioGro NZ Ltd

Board evaluation tips

Regular evaluation of board performance is governance best practice. 

According to the IoD code of practice, “systematic review of the performance of individual directors (including the chair) and of the board as a whole helps address weaknesses, increases skill levels and demonstrates a commitment to accountability”.

See our tips to help you get the most from your board evaluation.