Whole board membership

Invest in your board. Show your board's commitment to governance best practice.

What is it?

Whole board membership (also referred to as Boardwide) is a type of IoD membership.

All members of your organisation's board join as individual IoD members to make up your whole board membership.

When a board member leaves the new member can join the whole board membership as their replacement.

Departing board members may choose to retain their IoD membership under our individual membership terms.

What we offer

Join your whole board as a member of the IoD and receive:

  • a 20% discount on yearly membership subscription for every member of your board.  Our membership team can advise you of current subscription fees.
  • no join fee for your board members – usually $150 pp including GST
  • All board members receive the same benefits of individual IoD membership
  • a board copy of IoD’s flagship publication The Four Pillars of Governance Best Practice
  • a free subscription to Boardroom magazine for the period of the whole board membership
  • one free advertisement on the Director Vacancies listing page
  • acknowledgement as a board wide member in IoD’s annual report

How it works

  • One person administers whole board membership. This is usually the board secretary or chair
  • Submit an application for whole board membership. Contact us for an application form
  • A single invoice will be issued for the whole board membership
  • When the application is approved, we send your board a membership pack and instructions to join the individual members of your board
  • Board members who are already members of the IoD will not be required to join again
  • We can transfer existing IoD members to a whole board membership by realigning their membership billing date (a partial refund of their individual subscription may apply). Board members who are already included in another whole board membership will only pay a membership subscription once
  • Whole board member organisations may include their CEO and/or senior managers who work with the board.


  • All individual members on your board join the IoD. You cannot elect to only join some members
  • Your board must have four or more board directors
  • A whole board member is an entity, company or organisation, not an individual member. It is not entitled to vote or be an officer of the IoD
  • Whole board membership applications will be subject to approval by the IoD Council and subject to the privacy policy


If you have any questions or wish to apply for whole board membership, please contact one of our membership team +64 4 499 0076 or email membership@iod.org.nz