Our thoughts are with our members and their organisations impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle. Boards have a key role to play in the wake of any crisis. See guidance for chairs and directors

Our thoughts are with our members and their organisations impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle. Boards have a key role to play in the wake of any crisis. See guidance for chairs and directors

Canterbury Branch

Canterbury Branch

The Canterbury Branch is the third largest and has more than 1400 IoD members from the middle and south of Canterbury and the West Coast. A diverse and talented group of members serve on the committee supporting the branch manager, Sharynn Johnson.

The branch hosts governance-focused functions and events throughout the region. These include breakfast sessions, deep-dive lunch groups, and after-5 events, as well as training courses like the 5-day residential Company Directors' Course. All events give professional development and excellent opportunities to network with a diverse group of governance professionals at all levels.

The Canterbury branch offers two awards. First Steps in Governance is for young professionals who want to gain experience in the not-for-profit sector and Emerging Director is for candidates who seek further development in their governance career. The branch also helps members through a peer support programme.

Branch Team

Branch Manager 

Sharynn Johnson

+64 3 968 6468

I have more than 25 years’ experience supporting directors, boards, and senior management. I’m here to support you on your governance journey, so please don’t hesitate to contact me about becoming an IoD member, or get in touch if you have any questions about your IoD membership or the services we offer.

Branch Executive

Kim Gerard
Kim Gerard

+64 21 243 6252

I am delighted to be part of the IoD whanau, based in Otautahi Christchurch.  With experience in hospitality, event and conference management, executive assistant and board secretary support roles I look forward to working with Sharynn and the branch committee in all aspects of managing the Canterbury branch, including liaising with our sponsors and members. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about your membership, becoming a member, or our events.

Emerging Director Award

The Emerging Director Award was instigated in 1999 by the Canterbury Branch as one of its contributions in assisting the growth of New Zealand enterprise through the promotion of best practice in company direction and governance.

Applications for 2023 will open in June.

  • Are you newly engaged on a directorship path and aspire to enhance your governance pathway?
  • Can you demonstrate a commitment to development and a high level of integrity?
  • Are you committed to development of your governance pathway?

The focus of this award is to identify executives, managers and directors individuals with potential and to foster the discipline of good governance through the acquisition of technical knowledge in addition to creating opportunities for networking via branch events and functions. Many of our award recipients have gone on to have successful governance careers.

2022 award recipients

Emma Hodgkins, Leandra Fitzgibbon, Jane Fowles, Mariann Matai and Aaron Smith have been named the Institute of Directors’ (IoD) Canterbury Branch Emerging Directors 2022. Read more

Reflections from past recipients

Alli Copland (2021):
“Applying for the Emerging Director award empowered me to step outside of my comfort zone.  I have developed invaluable skills and experiences in governance best practice including strategic planning, audit and risk.  It has been an honour to work alongside and be inspired and mentored by such experienced directors, learning from their hard work and dedication to Akaroa Health Ltd and the wider Banks Peninsular communities. I have built trusted and respected professional relationships and networks with people who have become mentors and great influencers for my future career pathway and journey.

I have attended several Canterbury Branch events over the last year which have all contributed positively to my learning experience, these events are a fantastic way to continue my governance professional development and stay at the forefront of the current governance considerations and climate.  Local events have also been a great way to network with other local directors and expand my knowledge foundation across various sectors. 

Winning the 2021 Emerging Director award has been a defining moment in my governance career and I will always be incredibly grateful for the experiences afforded to me from Akaroa Health Ltd, the Institute of Directors and my mentor Jane Cartwright. I will continue to utilise these experiences to add value and contribute positively to organisations and their stakeholders, particularly in the healthcare setting.” 

Alison van Polanen (2021):
Why did you apply for the Award?
"I had considered applying for the Emerging Director Award for a few years prior to applying. I never felt I was quite ready or had the skill set. Fortunately, after conversations with a few local directors, I put my imposter syndrome aside, applied and received the award."

How has winning the Award helped your career?
"I understood when I applied the potential benefits of funding towards Institute of Directors training but attending the Ashburton Contracting Ltd (ACL) board meetings has been an invaluable opportunity. When I attend ACL meetings, I am effectively sitting at a table with a number of mentors with a wide range of skills and strengths. I am very grateful to the ACL team for encouraging me to fully participate in board meetings. Full immersion has increased my confidence and I am now comfortable with the diversity of thought which I contribute."

Any advice for people considering becoming directors?
"Connect – build relationships, find opportunities to observe boards and talk to experienced directors.
Develop your knowledge and skills.
Know why you want to be a director.
Check the resources and training opportunities available through the Institute of Directors."

Anna Wilson (2021):
“The Emerging Director award is invaluable for those looking for a future in governance. It provides a safe learning environment in a real world situation and I would highly recommend it.”

Melinda Baillie (2020):
“Being awarded the 2020 Canterbury Branch Emerging Director Award helped unlock so many doors for me in commencing a pathway in governance. The internship on a commercial board is a fantastic opportunity to learn in a live board setting. The directors and Senior Leadership team of EA Networks treated me as an equal director and actively engaged in my development. I was given exposure and the opportunity to contribute, across all areas facing boards as well as some specific projects EA Networks was undertaking. The Mentor provided to me by the IoD has been so generous with his time, his wisdom and his guidance to me. In addition, this award has helped me build a fantastic network of interesting and accomplished people.

I used the funding to contribute towards attending the Company Directors Course which was another amazing experience in itself. The ability to attend Canterbury branch functions was another exciting benefit to help my learning and give me the opportunity to meet people. One benefit I wasn’t directly expecting is how much the experiences gained from the internship have also helped me develop in my executive role. This was through both the exposure to higher level thinking, the exposure to strategic risks and opportunities and the people.

I am grateful to the IoD for the opportunity and thoroughly recommend the benefits offered and gained from the Emerging Director Award programme.”

Cam Finlayson (2020):
“My Emerging Director Award experience was exceptional for my personal development and confidence at the board table. Geoff, Jason, Jono and Nigel are excellent directors and their support and encouragement has been brilliant. JT is a wonderful CEO and his senior leadership team is outstanding. The entire team at Connetics is very welcoming and they do a great job at making you feel part of the team. 

The internship at Connetics lasts for 18 months, which is a great length of time as you get to see strategic business plans determined, implemented and reviewed. In addition, you get to see a full financial year through from start to finish. A huge thanks to Connetics and the IoD (Canterbury branch) for this amazing opportunity.”

Helen Andrews (2019):
“Being awarded the 2019 Canterbury Branch IoD Emerging Director Award has given me a wonderful year of benefits both expected and unexpected. The known benefits of funding towards IoD training, a mentor and the director internship have been exactly what I anticipated. The funding enabled training I wouldn’t have otherwise done and a day with the likes of Giselle McLaughlin can only ever benefit your professional career. Access to a mentor has been “gold” as I sought honest and vital opinions on problems that don’t sit well on moral compass and are never found in any manual. Being an intern with the extremely functional board of EA Networks has increased my high regard of great process and being able to witness it first-hand has reinforced that view. The unexpected benefits have been the exposure to a whole raft of people from which to learn from, the Chartered Fellows who attended the dinner after the awards openly sharing their professional career highlights to the award judges who clearly searched for my motivations. This has all led me to develop both my understanding of others and myself, undoubtedly growing more confident in the valuable skills I bring as an individual to contribute to the team around the board table.”

Cory Bedford (2019):
“The Emerging Director award has provided a huge boost to my governance experience and knowledge. The award is multi-layered, not only in the ‘known’ rewards of providing access to a commercial board, a mentor, branch events and funding toward training but also in the relationships and contacts formed. The Connetics board has been fascinating - especially given the events and challenges of COVID-19. The directors, CEO and senior management have been very welcoming and I have learnt a lot. My mentor has been fantastic, providing great insights and questions.  I cannot thank  the Canterbury Branch committee enough for this award and the great events they organise. I strongly recommend anyone interested in a governance career apply for this award.”

Hannah Doney (2018):
"Winning the Emerging Director Award has enabled me to progress my governance career far faster than I would have had I not thrown my CV into the ring. There hasn't been any single part of the award that has done this alone. It has definitely been the combination of being paired with a senior governance professional mentor, funding to attend the Leadership Conference and of course, actively contributing around a commercial board table. Even though it's only been 7 months since I attended my first board meeting with EA Networks I have grown in confidence, increased my own knowledge of the formalities and, I think, really added some diversity of thought to discussions. I would urge anyone considering a career or opportunity to experience governance first hand apply for this award."

Kathryn Ruge (2018):
"The Emerging Director Award has provided an incredible boost to my governance journey and I’m really grateful to the Canterbury Branch selection panel for their belief in me as an aspiring director. When I think back to the person who applied for the award 12 months ago and the person I am now, probably the greatest gift of this award has been the increased confidence I have in the value and voice that I bring to the board table.  I have loved the opportunity to attend my local branch events regularly, not having to discriminate on the basis of cost but enjoying the relative luxury of soaking up every opportunity available. I’ve invested my course money into the Company Directors course and am looking forward to progressing down the pathway of Chartered Membership, something that would have otherwise been out of my reach.  The combination of benefits reflects the many things people need to invest in as they develop a governance career – mentoring, time around the board table, building relationships and networking, ongoing formal learning, and of course an IoD membership which facilitates access to all these things! " 

Past recipients

  • Ash-Leigh Campbell, Allison (Alli) Copland, Alison van Polanen, Anna Wilson (2021)
  • Melinda Baillie, Cam Finlayson (2020)
  • Cory Bedford, Helen Andrews (2019)
  • Hannah Doney, Kathryn Ruge (2018)
  • Aaron Perriam, Jeff Smit (2017)
  • Helen Shorthouse (2016)
  • Tim Trewinnard, Chris Bailey (2015)
  • Jessie Chan-Dorman (2014)
  • Elizabeth Hopkins, Michael Lay (2013)
  • Janice Fredric (2012)
  • Liz Hirst (2011)
  • Karl Varley (2010)
  • Madeleine Hawkesbury-Browne (2009)
  • Louise Edwards (2008)
  • Anthony Leighs (2007)
  • Lynn McClelland (2006)
  • Kevin Eder (2005)
  • Wendy Smith (2004)
  • Dion Paul (2003)
  • Gillian Heald (2002)
  • Paul Bingham (2001)
  • Lynn Anderson (2000)
  • Brendon Quinn (1999)
First Steps in Governance Award

This award provides opportunities for young professionals at the start of their governance journey to gain governance experience in the not-for-profit sector.

Applications for 2023 will open in September.

We are seeking young professionals who:

  • Are motivated to further their business experience, gain an insight into good governance practice and learn about the dynamics of sitting on a board or trust
  • Are able to demonstrate leadership, integrity and enterprise in their careers
  • Have a range of experience and skills (commercial, community, public service)
  • Able to commit the time to prepare for and attend meetings and associated events
  • Have not held a significant governance role to date (this does not include a role in a local sports, school or community organisation or club)

Benefits include:

  • A governance internship on a not-for-profit board.
  • One year’s complimentary membership of the Institute of Directors
  • One year’s complimentary attendance at all Canterbury branch members’ events where members can learn and share their experiences
  • $850 towards an IoD governance development course of your choice to be taken in the 12 month period following the Award
  • Mentoring from an experienced director.

2022 award recipients

Daryn Govender, Sabine Parry and Shannon Wright have been named the Institute of Directors' (IoD) Canterbury Branch First Step in Governance Award recipients for 2022. Read more

Past recipients of the First Steps in Governance Award:

  • Morgan Walker, Nicole Robinson, Logan Hanifin (2021)
  • Olivia Egerton, Alex Booker, Eric de Boer (2020)
  • Wendy Schmidt (2019)
  • Katherine Allen (2018)
  • Maddy Surie (2017)
  • Rebecca Biggs (2016)
  • Julie Hands (2015)
  • Gareth Reed (2014)
Peer Support Programme

The Peer Support Programme has been set up to allow members to discuss professional and personal issues with a senior director and is available free to all local IoD members.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed – the only reporting will be to the local branch committee on the number of people who have used the programme. There will be no reporting of any other details.

Your support people are: 

Peter Young KStJ CFInstD
Phone: (021) 384 350
Email: young.consulting@xtra.co.nz

Jen Crawford CMInstD
Phone: (027) 436 6040
Email: jencrawfordnz@gmail.com

Branch Committee

Lloyd Mander  B.A. M.Aud (Hons). MBA (Dist), CMInstD

Lloyd is the Chair of the Canterbury Branch Committee and is our representative on the Institute’s National Council. He leads DOT Scorecard, a consultancy that works with boards and senior teams facing complexity to improve group decision-making capability through leveraging diversity of thought.

Lloyd is an independent trustee for the Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust and is the Chair of the Trust’s Audit and Risk committee. He is a co-founder and Board Chair of hearing care provider Bellbird Hearing. Lloyd was previously a co-founder and the Managing Director of Hearing Advantage, a large regional hearing healthcare provider. He is a former chair of startup and innovation enabler Ministry of Awesome and has served on advisory boards for a number of early stage ventures. Lloyd also enjoys providing voluntary mentoring services through Business Mentors New Zealand and the Young Enterprise Scheme.

Geordie Hooft  MInstD

Geordie Hooft

Geordie is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and director of Hooft Consulting Ltd, a boutique practice specialising in taxation issues such as corporate structuring, property, GST and cross-border transactions.  He also provides business advice to a wide range of successful owner-managed businesses. He regularly presents on tax issues to CAANZ and has lectured at the University of Canterbury and Lincoln University.  

Geordie is on the board of trustees at Cashmere High School, and is a board member of the Bone Marrow Cancer Trust.  He chairs the board at Canterbury Education Services Ltd.  In 2021, Geordie was appointed as South Island Honorary Consul for the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  He joined the IoD in 2012 and served as branch chair from May 2018 to April 2022. 

He is married to Deb and has four dependent children. In his spare time, Geordie is studying for a BA in History, and enjoys infrequent light exercise, reading and trivia - the latter being useful for hosting quiz nights.

Jane Cartwright  BSC, PGDipSc, NZRD, MBA, CFInstD

Jane Cartwright

Jane is a Chartered Fellow of the IoD and has served the local branch overseeing the local IoD Emerging Director and First Steps in Governance programmes. She chairs the board of Brackenridge Services Ltd, is deputy chair of the Nurse Maude Association and Foundation, is a director of ARA Institute Canterbury Ltd. She has held executive and senior roles in the health system and local government. Currently Jane is in leadership roles for the New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance and Canterbury Clinical Network.

Hannah Doney  MBA, MCIM Chartered Marketer, CMInstD

Hannah DoneyHannah is a senior executive with significant experience in professional service, not-for-profit and retail in NZ and Australia. She has held senior management positions for the last 10 years across a variety of sectors. 

Hannah works with a number of companies in a governance capacity including contract manufacturing, packaging, intellectual property, animal welfare and is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors. 

Richard Hegan  CMInstD

Richard Hegan

Richard has had a 30 year banking and finance career including 22 years at ASB Bank.  Richard leads the funding team at Hazlett an awesome rural services firm based in Canterbury. He has been a member of the Institute of Directors for a decade actively promoting good governance within the primary sector for which he has deep passion and connection to. Richard is a director of Mitre 10 MEGA in Hamilton and chair of Tavendale and Partners. Richard is married to Louise and they have three boys and we are actively involved in the outdoors biking, running, skiing, hunting and fishing.

Mike Killick  MBA, BE.Mech (Hons), CMInstD

Mike KillickMike is a Chartered Director and Executive General Manager who is an innovative problem solver who is able to create tangible solutions and strategies for businesses that will allow them to create growth opportunities in a successful way.  Mike's approach to problem solving and growth creation is one that is focused on connecting with all stakeholders of the business.  

 Mike is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors, has a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Hons) (Mech).  Mike is the current CEO of Intus Medical Specialists and is an Independent Business Mentor at ThincLab.  Mike was formerly an Associate Director at City Care Group Ltd, an Executive Committee Member of New Zealand Football, the South Island Coalitions Manager for New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and the former Managing Director at DEEP SOUTH Ice Cream. 

Mike has proven experience in business governance, market development (international and domestic) and key stakeholder management.  Calling himself a “specialist generalist of business”, Mike has consulted to leading organisations within New Zealand and Australia across the food & beverage, manufacturing and industrial sectors and is now focused on the medical healthcare sector while also helping businesses (small and large) take their businesses to the next level.


Mark Rogers  BA (Hons), MNZIM, CFInstD

Mark RogersMark is a professional director and a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Directors. Mark holds chair and director roles on a number of company boards. In addition to his extensive governance background, Mark’s commercial acumen is further evidenced through management experience to Chief Executive level. He has worked in the commercial, governmental and NFP spheres and has served as a Ministerial appointment on Crown entities, as a director of Crown owned companies and on a number of CCO’s.

Mark has expertise in the infrastructure, construction, economic development and tourism sectors. He is experienced in strategy, finance and operations with specialist knowledge of change, risk, audit and health and safety. As a member of the Canterbury Branch committee of the Institute of Directors he has contributed to the memberships and functions portfolios, taking a lead on regional delivery. He is a member of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand, the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum and Risk NZ. Mark holds a BA (Hons) in Political Science.

John Ruge  MInstD

John RudgeJohn's career has spanned both the legal and teaching professions, including practising civil litigation in Auckland and Christchurch, and secondary teaching in New Zealand and Germany. He is currently a member of the senior leadership team at St Andrew’s College with a diverse portfolio of responsibilities that includes academic and pastoral care for over 450 senior students.

As a director, John has more than 25 years experience in the not-for-profit, charitable and education sectors. Since 2015 he has been the board chair at Avonhead School and recently joined the board of governors of College House.  As a Treaty partner, John actively seeks opportunities to increase his knowledge and understanding of te ao Māori and to incorporate these into his life and work.

Rex Williams  DistFInstD
Rex has had a 30 year career in the cement, quarrying and concrete industries, most of that time was spent in New Zealand but he also had experience in Asia and the Pacific. He retired from full-time employment in 2007 allowing him to have governance responsibilities in a range of sectors including Tertiary Education, Health and Local Government.

Rex is currently Chair of Styx Living Laboratory Trust (a local volunteer river care group) and an independent Chair for Te Tai Poutini Planning Committee (dealing with West Coast Councils and Rununga district plan revisions). He stepped down as Chairman of HWR Group last year – a role he had held for 12 years.

Rex is a Distinguished Fellow of the IoD and provides mentoring for the Canterbury branch Emerging Director Award recipients.

Daryn Govender  CMInstD
Daryn is currently a Corporate Strategy Manager at BNZ based in Christchurch. He formerly held roles as an Adviser in the Governance, Strategy and Corporate Relations group at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and as a Senior Analyst in ASB’s Corporate Strategy team.

He is currently the Secretary for Canterbury Young Professionals and a Christchurch Committee Member for the Institute of Finance Professionals in New Zealand (INFINZ).

Daryn previously served as an elected Board of Trustees Member for Rosehill College, a Local Distribution Committee member for the Department of Internal Affairs, Chairperson of the Wellington Young Finance Professionals Committee for INFINZ, and as a Board Member for YouthLaw Aotearoa.

He is passionate about diversity and inclusion and is a member of BNZ’s Diversity and Inclusion Council. In 2021 Daryn was named a Top Diverse Emerging Board-Ready Director by the Superdiversity Institute and the Ministry for Ethnic Communities.

Daryn holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland and is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors.


Anna Bolland  MInstD

Anna is a leadership and culture strategist who positively influences and disrupts boards, leaders, teams and individuals. From considerable experience in many industries in both the public and private sector (economic development, tertiary education, hospitality, construction, agriculture and marketing), she delves deep to build a strong platform within people and businesses to have a base to leverage from. She is passionate about human behaviour, and with advancements in neuroscience and the ability to reprogram brains, she can add impact in this area for boards and teams…as well as adding value around leadership, developing high performance teams, culture, wellbeing, strategic direction, brand and marketing. 

She currently has three governance roles (NFP and education) in South Canterbury and committed to supporting and developing in this area. Giving back to the community is important to Anna, she is a motivational speaker , mentors young adults and is part of Rotary. Along with her husband, they own three businesses. 

Anna’s main motivation to be a part of the Canterbury IoD committee is to help to build awareness in governance and for the IoD, foster connections, add diversity and keep evolving within the governance journey.

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