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Emerging Director Award

The Emerging Director Award was instigated in 1999 by the Canterbury Branch as one of its contributions in assisting the growth of New Zealand enterprise through the promotion of best practice in company direction and governance.

Our 2019 Emerging Director Award recipients

Cory Bedford and Helen Andrews have been named the Institute of Directors’ (IoD) Canterbury branch Emerging Directors 2019. Read more

Cory Bedford and Helen Andrews

About the Emerging Director Award

The focus of this award is to identify individuals with potential and to foster the discipline of good governance through the acquisition of technical knowledge in addition to creating opportunities for networking via branch events and functions.  Many of our Award recipients have gone on to have successful governance careers.

To be considered for this Award you will:

  • aspire and be ready to follow a directorship path, either by joining a board or broadening your current experience
  • be able to demonstrate leadership, integrity and enterprise in your career
  • readily explain the key features of good governance

This award is open to both members and non-members of the Institute of Directors Canterbury branch which includes the West Coast and South Canterbury.

Benefits include:

  • $1,500 towards an Institute of Directors’ Director Development course of your choice to be taken in the 12 month period following the Award
  • one year’s complimentary membership of the Institute of Directors
  • complimentary attendance at all Canterbury branch functions for the 12 months following the Award
  • a director development internship with EA Networks (Ashburton) or Connetics (one of the Christchurch City Holdings Ltd group of companies) for one year    
  • a mentoring session with an experienced director to plan your directorship pathway

Applications have closed for 2019

Internship board sponsors
Connetics EA networks

Reflections from past recipients

Hannah Doney (2018):
“Winning the Emerging Director Award has enabled me to progress my governance career far faster than I would have had I not thrown my CV into the ring. There hasn't been any single part of the award that has done this alone. It has definitely been the combination of being paired with a senior governance professional mentor, funding to attend the Leadership Conference and of course, actively contributing around a commercial board table. Even though it's only been 7 months since I attended my first board meeting with EA Networks I have grown in confidence, increased my own knowledge of the formalities and, I think, really added some diversity of thought to discussions. I would urge anyone considering a career or opportunity to experience governance first hand apply for this award.”

Kathryn Ruge (2018):
“The Emerging Director Award has provided an incredible boost to my governance journey and I’m really grateful to the Canterbury Branch selection panel for their belief in me as an aspiring director. When I think back to the person who applied for the award 12 months ago and the person I am now, probably the greatest gift of this award has been the increased confidence I have in the value and voice that I bring to the board table.  I have loved the opportunity to attend my local branch events regularly, not having to discriminate on the basis of cost but enjoying the relative luxury of soaking up every opportunity available. I’ve invested my course money into the Company Directors course and am looking forward to progressing down the pathway of Chartered Membership, something that would have otherwise been out of my reach.  The combination of benefits reflects the many things people need to invest in as they develop a governance career – mentoring, time around the board table, building relationships and networking, ongoing formal learning, and of course an IoD membership which facilitates access to all these things! “

Past recipients


Emerging Director Award recipients

Our congratulations to this year's recipients of the Canterbury Emerging Director Award, freelance marketer Hannah Doney and senior communication advisor Kathryn Ruge.

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Jeff SmitArron Perriam

A leadership grounded in the not for profit sector and an engineer are the two 2017 Institute of Directors (IoD) Canterbury Branch Emerging Director Award winners. Cholmondeley Children’s Centre CE  Arron Perriam MInstD and DETA Consulting Senior Engineer, director and shareholder Jeff Smit MInstD have been recognised as emerging talents in governance.

Institute of Directors Canterbury Branch Chair Vincent Pooch says the judges were impressed by Mr Perriam’s commitment to professionally develop so he can add further value to the not for profit sector; while Mr Smit demonstrated desire to improve and optimise business practices through developing his own governance expertise.

“Both Arron and Jeff stood out as having a strong commitment to improving their own professional development in the pursuit of adding the best value they could to future boards they might sit on. They both recognise good governance as being the foundation of great organisations, and have a real drive to grow their capability as professional directors.”

September 2019 – our congratulations to Arron on his appointment as an independent member on The Salvation Army’s Governance Board – read more


Helen ShorthouseAn influencer, collaborator and catalyser for change in the Canterbury technology sector, is the 2016 Institute of Directors (IoD) Canterbury Branch Emerging Director Award winner.

Canterbury Development Corporation Sector Leader – Technology, Helen Shorthouse was recognised as an emerging talent in governance at a Christchurch function on 17 October.

Institute of Directors Canterbury Branch Chair Vincent Pooch says the judges were impressed by Ms Shorthouse’s commitment to developing her governance abilities and passion for wanting to deliver governance excellence for New Zealand into the future. Read more

2015 Emerging Director Award Recipients
Tim Trewinnard                                                  Chris Bailey

Tim Trewinnard and Chris Bailey have been recognised as future talents at the board table after being awarded the IoD’s Canterbury Branch Emerging Director Award in Christchurch today.

“In an age of cyber threats, disruptive technology and digital innovation, firms need to consider the value of skills and capabilities like those we see in Tim and Chris at the board table,” IoD Canterbury branch chair Janice Fredric says.

“We’re pleased to be part of their next steps in governance, and we look forward to working with Tim and Chris over the next year to ensure good grounding in all aspects of directorship is achieved.”

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The Canterbury Branch of the Institute of Directors’ (IoD) Aspiring Director Award 2014 has been awarded to Jessie Chan-Dorman.

Jessie Chan-Dorman will receive $1,500 towards an Institute of Directors (IoD) Director Development course, a year’s complimentary membership of the IoD, one year‘s complimentary attendance at IoD member functions, a year’s internship with Connetics, one of Christchurch City Holdings Limited (CCHL) boards and mentoring with an experienced director.

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Our congratulations to Jessie who received the 2017 Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year Award
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Elizabeth HopkinsMichael LayFor the first time in the award’s 15 year history the Canterbury Branch of the Institute of Directors’ Aspiring Director Award has been awarded to joint winners Elizabeth Hopkins and Michael Lay. The winners were selected from an impressive group of applicants with diverse career experience, business skills and understanding of governance. After a rigourous process the Selection Committee believed that it was difficult to separate the diverse strengths that Elizabeth and Michael would each bring to a governance role. Read more

Our congratulations to Michael on his appointment as an independent director for Canterbury Rugby.
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Reflections from our 2013 Recipients

At an IoD function on 20 July, Elizabeth Hopkins and Michael Lay, co-recipients of the Aspiring Director Award in the 2013 year, reflected on their experiences since receiving the Award.

Both had prior governance experience when receiving the Award – which was further developed via their experiences as interns on the boards of EcoCentral and Connetics respectively.   Each company operated in industry sectors new to Liz and Michael.  They gained experience and mentoring from their fellow directors and from their mentors.    Thank you to CCHL, EcoCentral and Connetics for providing the internship opportunities.

Michael applied his training vouchers towards the Governance Development programme – a programme he endorsed – together with the networking benefits the Award had provided him.   Both Liz and Michael noted they had gained confidence from receipt of the Award and the experience they had gained.  Liz sounded a caution to those applying – make sure you have the time to commit. 

With directors of this calibre progressing through the ranks, the future of governance is in good hands.   Both Liz and Michael have received governance opportunities since receipt of the Award – a reflection on their abilities.


Janice Fredric Janice Fredric, chief executive of Duncan Cotterill Lawyers, is the recipient of the 2012 Aspiring Directors Award, provided by the Canterbury Branch of the Institute of Directors.
The coveted award is open to those wanting to become directors, and focuses on helping to hone governance skills. Read more

Janice was Canterbury Branch Chairman from 2014-2016 and now is an independent director on a number of boards.



Liz Hirst, director of Ngai Tahu Tourism, has won the Canterbury Branch of the Institute of Directors’ 2011 Aspiring Director Award.

Selected from a strong group of applicants, Liz receives $1,500 towards an Institute of Directors (IoD) development course, a year’s complimentary membership of the IoD, attendance at four branch events and mentoring with an experienced director. Liz has a background in health, education and community development within Iwi/urban Maori and wider communities of interest. She is currently completing her MBA full time, having studied a wide range of business topics in the eighteen MBA papers she has completed to date. Read more

2010 – Karl Varley, Christchurch

2009 – Madeleine Hawkesbury-Browne, Christchurch

2008 –  Louise Edwards, Christchurch

2007 – Anthony Leighs, Christchurch

2006 – Lynn McClelland, Christchurch

2005 – Kevin Eder, Christchurch

2004 – Wendy Smith, Timaru

2003 – Dion Paul, Nelson

2002 – Gillian Heald, Christchurch

2001 – Paul Bingham, Christchurch

2000 – Lynn Anderson, Christchurch

1999 – Brendon Quinn, Christchurch