Board Matters podcast: "The smart way or the hard way?" with Joe Hanita

By Institute of Directors
23 Aug 2022
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Joe Hanita MInstD

“When I think back on the nearly 20-year journey I have been on in governance roles, my experience has been learning by doing.”

Joe Hanita MInstD was until recently an associate director of the Wakatu Incorporation (he has now moved into a senior leadership role) and serves on a variety of boards and trusts.

Now an old hand, Joe says young directors can learn “the smart way ” only if senior directors share their experiences and knowledge.

“Anyone looking at a career in governance needs to be prepared for a learning journey. You are not going to come in with all the answers or solutions. Part of being a director is being prepared to learn, continuously, throughout your career.”

For senior directors, that raises the question: How do you share your experiences so that someone else can learn?

In this episode, Joe explores his long-term, intergenerational perspective on governance, rooted in te ao Māori.

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