Future Directors FAQs

What happens after I have applied to be a Future Director? 

We will email you to let you know about Future Director opportunities that match your skills, experience, or any other specific requirements of the host board.

You will either apply directly to the host board or in some cases the host boards may engage a search agency who will contact you directly.

The IoD uses the QJumpers platform to host the Future Directors database and emails will be sent via this platform.

Who sees my application information?

The Institute of Directors and Host Boards are the main groups who have access to your information.  

We do give selected executive search firms and  state sector appointing agencies access to the Future Directors database. If the host board engages the services of an agency, they may be the ones to contact you about an placement opportunity.

Where can I find out about Future Director opportunities? 

Usually the host board, the IoD or a recruitment agency will contact you about an opportunity.

From time to time, we post Future Director vacancies on our Director Vacancies webpage. IoD members are able to access these opportunities.

Also, look out for vacancies on our LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter feeds.  

What happens if I am selected? 
  • the IoD will provide you with a Future Director guide to support you during the programme
  • you will participate fully in all aspects of being a board member. Expect to dedicate up to two days per board meeting cycle for preparation and the meeting
  • the host board will provide a letter of appointment or agreement that outlines
    • your role and responsibilities as a Future Director
    • remuneration (if any) and what costs will be covered
    • that you, as a Future Director, will have no voting rights and will not form part of the quorum of a board meeting
    • that the host board will include you in their company’s D&O liability insurance policy
  • the host board will provide you with a mentor. Generally the role of the mentor includes:
    • contacting you prior to each board meeting to discuss the agenda and answer questions
    • debriefing after each board meeting 
What are the application terms and conditions?

See the full terms and conditions for the Future Director programme

Is there an age limit to become a Future Director?

No, the requirements are different for each host board but we recommend that you have senior management experience and have had some exposure or experience working with a board.

How often can I expect to hear from you about Future Directors opportunities?

If you meet the specific requirements of a Host Board, you will be alerted to the Future Director opportunity by email as they arise. If you do not hear from us it is  because the current host boards have a different set of criteria on which they are seeking at that point in time.

What happens if my details have changed since I registered?

You can maintain your profile by logging on on and updating your profile from the Future Directors registration page.

Why is my ethnicity, gender and age relevant to my application?

We collect this information for statistical purposes. Also, some boards who take part in the Future Directors programme may be looking for people with specific experiences, attributes or backgrounds. By completing this section, we can promote the most relevant opportunities to you.

Can I unregister from the Future Directors' database?

Yes, you can unregister at any time by logging in to the Future Directors registration form and and deleting your profile from the Admin tab.

What happens if I forget my password?

You reset your password on the login page of the Future Directors registration form.