The IoD website has recently experienced a security breach. Currently this is affecting payments when using a credit card on the website. If you wish to book a course or event, an invoice will be sent to you and payment can be made via internet banking or our phone credit card payment service 0800 846 369. IoD members can find updates on the breach here.

Fees Snapshot terms and conditions

The IoD’s Director Fees Snapshot is intended to provide an overview of benchmark fee comparisons relevant to the client organisation. It does not include fee recommendations or the in-depth analyses of fees and hours which is included in our tailored fees' service.

The report will be prepared as guidance for the board of the client organisation and is not intended to be exhaustive. It should not be used or relied upon by any other organisation other than the one it has been prepared for.

The IoD believes the information it provides about comparable entities is accurate at the time it is provided but it relies on remuneration data provided by its members and on other publicly-available sources of information.

The IoD provides no warranty (either expressed or implied) in relation to the completeness, accuracy or currency of any information provided about any comparator or third party organisation, and cannot be held liable for the consequences of any actions taken or not taken on the basis of such information.