Board Matters podcast: "Connections" with Maxine Graham

By Institute of Directors
15 Aug 2022
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“I stand here not as myself, I stand here in the footsteps of my tūpuna to make decisions for my mokopuna to come,” says Maxine Graham about her role in governance.

“It means being the physical representation of today, of that which has been, and that which is coming,” she says of the connection between governance and the past, present and future. 

Maxine is a Hamilton-based director of Pūmau Limited and also sits on the board of Te Arataura (Waikato Tainui Tribal Executive). Her directorship roles have largely focused on Māori governance practices.

A big part of how that is framed is in ‘connections’ and the relationship between people, the community, and the environment. She says part of the responsibility in being a member of a marae, is that she is always thinking about doing the work of her iwi.

“We are part of an ecosystem, and we need to be connected in all parts in order to have well- being.”

Included in that is the direct responsibility to the environment - the mountains and rivers, but also to the community including past, present and future generations.

In today’s governance practices, much of this is coming to the fore in considering ESG matters and the impact of climate and social issues that affect not only businesses, but the community at large.

For Māori, when addressing the future there is a strong focus on “re-indigenising Māori governance practices.

“What would it mean to be authentically walking back into our indigenous ways of governance, not just here in Aotearoa, but worldwide?” says Maxine. 

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