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As the professional body for directors, it is our responsibility to promote governance standards. If a member of the IoD acts in a manner that compromises or is likely to compromise the IoD or its members, the IoD may terminate their membership. For more information, see Rules 11 and 12 of IoD's constitution.  

If an IoD member or member of the public wishes to complain against a current member of the IoD they must:

  • identify themselves and the member in question. The IoD does not act on anonymous complaints
  • put their concerns in writing. Information should be factual and be sufficient to enable IoD to determine whether there is a case to be answered. Opinion is not admissible
  • be prepared for their identity to be revealed to the person complained against
  • authorise the IoD to make its own inquiries.

What next?

Once the complaint has been received and assessed, if the IoD Council or its delegated agent (eg a sub-committee or the CEO) believes that there is a case to answer, the member will be asked to provide his/her version of events and a response to the allegations.

If the matter can be settled (ie if the Council feels that it has enough information at its disposal to make a determination), it will set up a hearing if required. The member will be invited to attend and be accompanied by a support person. The process will be clearly described to both the complainant and the member.

The IoD is committed to acting fairly and follows accepted best practice principles of natural justice and fairness.

The decision of Council shall be final.

Complaint details

Enter your name, email address, preferred contact number and complaint details. If you would prefer to talk to one of our team, please phone  +64 4 499 0076

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am- 5:00pm

Information should be factual and sufficient to enable the IoD to determine there is a case.