Advertise your governance role to IoD members. It's a cost effective way to reach our extensive membership pool of director talent. 

What you need to know about advertising with DirectorVacancies

It's a cost effective way to reach our extensive membership pool of director talent.

Where will my vacancy appear?

The DirectorVacancies email and BoardRoom are distributed to over 8,500 IoD members
* (where timings permit)

How long will my vacancy appear?

There is no time limit. We will list your vacancy until the application deadline closes, or until you find a suitable candidate. Organisations are encouraged to allow at least four weeks of promotion before setting a closing date for applications to ensure maximum exposure to the IoD membership.

How much does it cost?

  • $250 plus GST - Not-for-profit organisations
  • $595 plus GST - Other organisations
  • $595 plus GST - Advertisements placed by agents

What do I do now?

Fill in our online form with the vacancy details. You can also upload your logo to display with your listing.

Go to vacancy listing form

View the terms and conditions for advertising with the service.

How can the IoD assist me further?

We can assist in a number of ways. This includes support such as

  • refinement of selection criteria
  • management of candidate applications
  • suggested interview questions
  • interview panel involvement.

This additional recruitment support is charged at an hourly rate. For further information please contact us on 04 499 0076, or email the Board Services team.

Please note: Since 2015, all New Zealand registered companies are required under the Companies Act 1993 to have at least one director that must either live in New Zealand or live in Australia and be a director of an Australian company. The IoD provides DirectorVacancies advertising services for bona fide director appointments. It does not provide such services for director appointments in name only or for director appointments in a company before it is registered in New Zealand (for example to satisfy the director residence requirement).