Advisory Board Toolkit

Improve and grow your business. This toolkit will help answer some of the questions you may have about how an advisory board operates and provides helpful tools and tips that can be adapted to fit the specific purpose of your advisory board. 



Support and guidance from an advisory board may accelerate growth, improve financial performance, manage risk or enhance operational performance.

A variety of opinions exist as to what an advisory board should be tasked with, how or if it should be rewarded, the advantage or otherwise of independence (owning equity or not), and the list goes on.

The toolkit covers the four phases of an advisory board’s life cycle:

  • consider
  • establish
  • operate
  • exit






An advisory board is a committee of people selected by a business (or a board in the case of larger companies) to provide defined advice and information in an informal and flexible manner. 

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Structural similarities may exist between a board of directors and an advisory board. They should both have a chair to facilitate and lead, as well as procedures for the conduct of meetings.

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Advisory board members must not be unwittingly exposed to liability as full directors. As the business owner, or business’s representative you must have absolute discretion to accept or disregard any recommendations made by your advisory board.

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At some point in the life cycle of your advisory board you may encounter the need to exit from or alter the arrangements.

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