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Advertise your board position

The IoD's Director Vacancies' service is a targeted, cost effective way to advertise your board positions to IoD members through web, social media, email and print.

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This contact information is only for administration of the advertisement. Details will not be displayed as part of the advertisement. 

Enter name, organisation, address (and purchase order number, if required). This is for invoicing purposes only. It will not be displayed on the IoD website.
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eg board member
Multiple roles available? Consider listing skills/competencies under headings eg Role 1, Role 2
Meeting frequency and duration
If known, please note what the duration is for this appointment eg one year term
Please state where you would like applicants to be based. No location requirement? Enter 'National'
You may wish to mention where meetings are held or further details about where applicants are located
If you do not wish to disclose remuneration for the role, please enter 'to be advised'. If this is a voluntary role, please enter 'unpaid'
Enter specific instructions to applicants if applicable eg how they should apply, what they should include with their application
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Organisation logo

Please send your logo in jpeg/png format to directorvacancies@iod.org.nz. This will be displayed on your advertisement, in our social media and monthly Director Vacancies email to IoD members. Ensure the image is of sufficient quality for digital display. We suggest between 200KB and 1MB in size. Where necessary, logos will be resized to fit. 

Application form, position description, or applicant information pack

If you have an application form, position description or applicant information pack that you would like to include on the advertisement page, also send these to directorvacancies@iod.org.nz