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Digital transformation quick guide

By Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI) and Marsh McLennan
21 Jun 2022
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Wave of multi-coloured digital blocks

This publication is for directors to lead their organisations towards successful digital transformation.

Technology evolution is happening at warp speed. Digital technology has enabled businesses to do things better or to do things it could not before. Businesses need to take advantage of these new digital capabilities to stay relevant and also to thrive. Digital transformation is about strategy and the pursuit of competitive advantage, but it is also a costly endeavour with high stakes. How to chart and navigate a successful digital transformation is a major challenge requiring the best governing acumen of directors.

The quick guide draws on expertise and insights from among the vast resources available within the GNDI and is a useful tool to help directors in the digital transformation process. Information is organised around five major digital governance principles, the common pitfalls and tips to counter those pitfalls. It contains many questions directors can ask themselves, their board colleagues or management, to assess whether they are on the right track towards digital transformation.

Five major principles to help boards successfully govern the digital transformation journey

  1. ​Approach emerging technology as a strategic imperative, not just an operational issue
  2. Develop collective, continuous technology-specific learning and development goals
  3. (Re)align board structure and composition to reflect the growing significance of technology as a driver of both growth and risk
  4. Demand frequent and forward-looking reporting on technology-related initiatives
  5. Periodically assess the organisation’s leadership, talent and culture readiness for technological change.

Download the Digital transformation quick guide

About the GNDI

The Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI) is an international network of 25 director institutes. It was established in 2012 to foster closer cooperation between its members, who are each recognised as the leading institute for directors and governance in their respective countries. GNDI collectively represents more than 180,000 individual directors and governance professionals. The Institute of Directors in New Zealand is a founding member of the GNDI.

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