When looking to recruit or appoint a new director, you should cast the net wide enough to ensure you find the best person for the job while achieving the optimal skills balance for the board as a whole.

Why use DirectorSearch?

We help you recruit the best people by searching our extensive database of independent directors, matching individuals’ skills and experience with just what you’re looking for.

In our experience, many boards know what they need in a director. You give us the criteria. We give you a selection of strong, suitably qualified candidates who are members of the IoD, are actively looking for governance roles and have agreed to abide by the Code of Practice for Directors.

DirectorSearch is prompt, professional and impartial. And because you receive a list of names that match your requirements, it’s a time efficient way to get the best results.

The search process

Step one – Your requirements
We’ll work with you to understand the skills, competencies and experience that your organisation requires and what you expect of the new director. This information defines your search criteria.

Step two – Database search and candidate long listing
We apply your search criteria to identify potential candidates within our database of directors’ specific skills, sector experience, current and past board appointments and executive roles, and membership status. We’ll then refine this list down to a long list of candidates (usually 8-12) who can bring real value to your board.

Step three – Review and short listing
After discussion and some time for you to consider the long list, you’ll select a number of candidates (most likely 2-4) that you would like to explore in more detail. The IoD will contact these candidates on your behalf.

Step four – Selection
At this final stage, you’ll carry out the interview process with the preferred candidates and will decide which individual to invite onto your board.

To start your search for a new director, please email the Board Services team or phone them on 04 499 0076.

Please note: Since 2015, all New Zealand registered companies are required under the Companies Act 1993 to have at least one director that must either live in New Zealand or live in Australia and be a director of an Australian company. The IoD provides DirectorSearch services for bona fide director appointments. It does not provide such services for director appointments in name only or for director appointments in a company before it is registered in New Zealand (for example to satisfy the director residence requirement).  

Additional recruitment support

For organisations that need extra recruitment assistance we also offer:

  • refinement of candidate criteria
  • template documents
  • involvement in selection committee
  • administration of an external application process.

Whether or not you choose additional recruitment support services, you’ll be supported and guided throughout your recruitment process by your Board Services Advisor.

Register on the DirectorSearch database

If you are an IoD member, you can register on the DirectorSearch database. You will need to login, click on update your details and then DirectorSearch.