Attending courses on corporate governance shows your commitment to your chosen pathway and ensures you are up to date with the latest in governance thinking and application. It also provides an opportunity for further contact with others who may be in a situation similar to you.

Many potential directors shy away from making the investment in training, preferring instead to wait until they have obtained a directorship. Ask yourself the question, “Why should an organisation invite me to become a director if I am not prepared to make the commitment of increasing my knowledge in my chosen career?” Undertaking training is one way of demonstrating that you are prepared to invest in your career as a director.

When applying for vacancies, if you have attended a course such as the IoD’s Company Directors’ Course, you will be better able to demonstrate you have an understanding of the role of director. Through the board simulation exercise you will get a good idea of what it is like to operate in a board situation you may even decide that a board career is not the one you wish to pursue.

IoD’s Director Development

The IoD’s Director Development programme offers courses at all career stages. In particular, directors beginning their career should consider the IoD’s Essentials for DirectorshipGovernance Essentials, Finance Essentials, Strategy Essentials and Risk Essentials. These courses provide a comprehensive understanding in each of these core areas, essential for all directors and senior managers.

As an alternative to Governance Essentials, the Governance Development Programme, Not-for-Profit Governance Essentials and Rural Governance Essentials cover the same core information, but discusses or formats are tailored to a specific area.

The Governance Development Programme, is offered over a series of six sessions and enables participants to learn and apply in smaller segments whilst at the same time building a valuable network of other like-minded business professionals.

New board members or senior corporate executives who have had ongoing interaction with a board should consider the Company Directors' Course, the IoD’s flagship five day residential programme.

Focused courses are designed to fulfil your topical learning needs and are offered across a range of formats including short courses, webinars and self-paced online learning.