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Cut the broken record on diversity

27 November 2015

Opinion piece by SImon Arcus, CEO of IoD
Published: NBR

Recent evidence shows a mild increase in gender diversity on NZX boards but numbers of women in senior management falling. A PwC study in the United States also shows a marked difference in opinion about the importance of diversity between the genders.

Disruption a key challenge for directors

15 November 2015

Media release

Most directors (73%) are spending more time on risk than a year ago yet only half say they have the capacity to deal with increasing business complexity – and 47% expect to face major disruption within the next two years.

The latest IoD NZIER Director Sentiment Survey, designed to take the pulse of the director community, says technological and business disruption, and the time spent on risk oversight are key challenges for directors.

Want to win the 2055 World Cup? Make sure the governance of NZRU stays strong

06 November 2015

Published: NBR

A world-class team wins you the Rugby World Cup. World-class governance in rugby will help us keep bringing the cup home for decades.

Good governance needs to be a priority for the livelihood of any sporting code. Good-quality directors and board members are critical to help a sport to plan for a successful future. 

Volkswagen scandal a sign of troubles in its governance

18 October 2015

Published: Sunday Star Times
Written by: Institute of Directors

Talk in the international governance community is all about Volkswagen.

Last month it was revealed Volkswagen had intentionally installed software in its cars to show better performance on emission testing than on the road.

Corporate tax governance and BEPS

06 October 2015

Published: Excerpt from directorsbrief | 2015/3: Emerging issues audit committees need to know about.

In response, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) developed an Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) to reform the system. BEPS is the term used to describe tax planning strategies that take advantage of gaps and mismatches in tax rules, for example by diverting income to countries with low corporate tax rates.

Astute in governance

23 September 2015

Media release

“The idea was a bit daunting,” Fiber Fresh Managing Director Michael Bell says of appointing an independent director onto his company’s board. “Bringing someone we didn’t know into the working secrets of our 30 year old family business was something we had to think about seriously. It is a big undertaking opening that door. But once we started the process our confidence grew, it just makes sense now. Why wouldn’t we?”