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Forewarned is forearmed in a crisis

26 June 2015

A crisis has the potential to cripple a business. Handled badly, experts say a business might never recover. Plan, and it could be a different story.

Social media has changed the dynamics of crisis control. No longer can businesses rely on the gift of time traditional media channels once offered. Deadlines and the printing press could delay a message by hours, or even a day, giving businesses time to prepare, plan and choose what information they released.

Focus shift for GCSB

25 June 2015

Published: NBR

The Institute of Directors (IoD) has launched a new course and practice guide to help company boards understand and monitor cyber risk, in the wake of Prime Minister John Key's warning that in just two years the government’s communications security bureau (GCSB) will be doing more work for the private sector than for the government.

GLC thought corner: Cyberspace: Risky business

24 June 2015

Management of risk – mitigating the effect of uncertainty on objectives – is a critical facet of the board’s role in providing strategic leadership and creating value.

Uncertainty associated with cyber risk spans broad issues from the loss of personal information, credit data, trade secrets and intellectual property through to public confidence, reputation and the operation of critical infrastructure. Each of these also has the potential to adversely impact on share price and market positioning, not to mention legal and regulatory risks.

Farmers need good governance for growth

23 June 2015

Published: The Southland Times

Southern farmers are first in line to learn good governance practices for their farms.

Institute of Directors acting chief executive Simon Arcus said New Zealand farmers could no longer rely on the country's reputation, instead they needed to think about good governance to grow their businesses. 

Businesses staying mum as cyber attacks increase

22 June 2015

Published: NBR

Companies are afraid to speak out about cyber-attacks for fear it looks incompetent or an easy target, the head of the Institute of Directors says.

The institute increasingly hears anecdotal reports of hacking and cyber breaches, yet businesses are not publicly admitting they have become a target, IoD chief executive Simon Arcus tells NBR ONLINE.

Cyber-risk: Put it on the agenda before it becomes the agenda

22 June 2015

Media release

It’s often seen as a growing $445 billion global problem but many individuals and businesses have done nothing about it, until now.

Experts say businesses can no longer afford to sit back, so the Institute of Directors is launching tangible solutions - a new course and practice guide for directors - during the Government’s Connect Smart week. Connect Smart is a public private partnership that helps individuals, businesses and schools protect themselves online.

Employees aren't safe from hacking

22 June 2015

Published: Newstalk ZB

Studies show more than half of employees' phone information can be easily accessed.

The Institute of Directors is launching a course to help businesses tackle cyber crime - saying many aren't doing enough to tackle it.