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Corporate tax governance and BEPS

06 October 2015

Published: Excerpt from directorsbrief | 2015/3: Emerging issues audit committees need to know about.

In response, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) developed an Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) to reform the system. BEPS is the term used to describe tax planning strategies that take advantage of gaps and mismatches in tax rules, for example by diverting income to countries with low corporate tax rates.

Astute in governance

23 September 2015

Media release

“The idea was a bit daunting,” Fiber Fresh Managing Director Michael Bell says of appointing an independent director onto his company’s board. “Bringing someone we didn’t know into the working secrets of our 30 year old family business was something we had to think about seriously. It is a big undertaking opening that door. But once we started the process our confidence grew, it just makes sense now. Why wouldn’t we?”

Former US admiral says 'economic component' high on cyber defence agenda

11 September 2015


Former United States real admiral Jan Hamby spent much of her 32-year military career trying to protect US Navy networks from digital intruders.

On Thursday evening she will be giving Kiwi companies advice on online security, at a dinner hosted by the Institute of Directors in Auckland.

Agri sector 'waking up' to governance

05 September 2015

Published: RuralNews

New Zealand has some of the most innovative approaches to agribusiness in the world, but it has a ‘’glaring gap’’ in innovation in governance, says the Institute of Directors.

Farmers ripe for knowledge on governance

05 September 2015


Farmers want to know more about how to run their businesses better and the Institute of Directors is running a course in Palmerston North to help tell them.

Push to improve rural governance

20 August 2015

Published: Bay of Plenty Times

New Zealand may have some of the most innovative approaches to agribusiness in the world but the sector has a "glaring gap" when it comes to innovation in governance, the New Zealand Institute of Directors says.

Directors fees: The pressure is on

17 August 2015

Published: New Zealand Herald

Just on half the country's directors aren't happy about their pay as workload piles up and more face the axe for poor performance.