Fees Tailored Review

A formal, independent benchmarking review.

Please note that the last day to submit a request for Fees Tailored Review to be fulfilled this year is Monday 21 November. Any requests for reviews received after this date will be processed in the new year.The IoD office will re-open on Monday 9 January 2023.

What we offer

We analyse variables about your governance roles, organisation, and operating environment to find a fair and justifiable level for fees.

We review and benchmark your organisation using our latest survey data, historical fee trends, confidential fee information sources, and best practice remuneration policy.

How we help

Recommended fees for your board members, guidance on setting fees, and benchmarking for your organisational context.

This in-depth formal review gives you independent analysis and evidence to support your decision-making. For example, when seeking agreement for an increase at an annual general meeting, or justifying the current level to shareholders.

How it works

  1. We discuss your request with you to work out the best service for your needs.
  2. We outline our tailored service in a formal proposal for your acceptance.
  3. Complete and return our fact-finding questionnaire.
  4. We will confirm a timeframe for the draft report – usually two to four weeks.
  5. We send you the draft report for your feedback.
  6. We send you the finished report.
  7. We can lead an optional debrief session with your board as an extra service.

What it costs

A standard review for one organisation takes two to four weeks to complete. Costs start from $4150 excluding GST, we will provide an estimate based on your specific requirements. 

We adjust our tailored review service to meet your specific needs. For example, subsidiary companies in the same report and other requirements add to the cost. We quote for this, based on an hourly rate.

Contact us

Fill out our enquiry form 

Or contact our Service Manager - Jo Birdsall 0800 846 369

Or email governanceservices@iod.org.nz