Directors’ risk survey report 2021

By Marsh
22 Nov 2021
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Marsh's New Zealand survey of risk 8th edition discusses the current risk issues and how New Zealand businesses are managing these. 

The report reflects the broad New Zealand business landscape in terms of business size, type, location and industry sector. 

Around 47% of respondents to the survey are company directors and 27% are CEOs, managing directors or general managers.

Top 5 risks in 2021

  1. Brand and reputational risk.
  2. Pandemic risks.
  3. Lost productivity caused by a lack of skilled workers.
  4. Non-compliance with legal and contractual obligations risk.
  5. Workplace health and safety risk.

The report also investigates emerging cyber risks and ESG-related risks.

Download the New Zealand survey of risk 8th edition from Marsh's website.

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