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Director Sentiment Survey 2017

By Institute of Directors and ASB
17 Nov 2017
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Yellow D with blue centre circle representing I O D and A S B

The Institute of Directors with ASB are delighted to release the 2017 Director Sentiment Survey report. The survey, designed to take the pulse of the director community, shows businesses are optimistic on their own prospects. Labour quality and capability, technological and business disruption, and the time spent on risk oversight are key challenges for directors.

An overwhelming majority of boards (91%) consider stakeholder interests a high priority (up from 86% in 2016). The emphasis on stakeholder interests could also be seen in the high number of directors who considered environmental and social issues as very important to their organisation (69%). This indicates a strong alignment with global trends as stakeholder interests and ESG reporting are gaining increasing attention.

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Download report and infographic

Our infographic provides an overview of the key trends relating to economic performance, business confidence, stakeholder interests, digital capability and ethics.

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