CPD requirements

Members, Chartered Members, and Chartered Fellows need to earn 60 CPD points in the three-year foundation period from their CPD start date.

CPD start date

Your CPD start date is one month after the billing date for your Institute of Directors’ membership. You can find your CPD start date in your profile.

Foundation period

You have a foundation period of three years from your CPD start date to earn the required 60 points.

You will not be selected for a CPD audit in your foundation period.

Rolling three-year period

From the end of your foundation period you have to keep 60 CPD points in a rolling three-year period.

This period includes the points you got in the current year and in the preceding two years.

Points you got more than two years ago fall out of this period to allow for points you get in the current year.

Grace period

If you cannot meet the CPD requirement in any three-year period, you can negotiate a grace period to meet it.

If you can’t meet the CPD requirement in this grace period, you can continue your membership as an Associate.

For more infromation on CPD requirements see the CPD Code.