CPD points

IoD members are responsible for meeting their continuing professional development requirement.

Aim to get 20 points a year to make it easier to maintain 60 CPD points in a rolling three-year period.


CPD points can be logged on the CPD dashboard in the your profile section on the website.

When you log CPD points for an activity, take into consideration:

  • time spent
  • currency
  • design or formalisation of learning objectives
  • complexity or depth of learning
  • engagement in learning
  • relevance to your governance practice
  • contribution to the profession.

20 points is the most you may self-log for an activity.

For most professional development run by the Institute of Directors we automatically add CPD points when you finish the course, conference, or branch event.

We want to encourage you to participate in a variety of CPD activities in a rolling three-year period.

Professional development with other providers

If you undertake CPD activities with other providers and these are similar to activities the IoD offers, you can record points for the areas which relate to governance performance.

We do not approve or accredit third party courses or other activities.

Self-assessment and recording

You need to assess your CPD points for activities undertaken with other providers. Also, for less formal CPD activities like professional governance reading, giving back to the profession, board development, and learning experiences.

Assess the same number of points for CPD activities with other providers that we allocate for similar activities with the Institute of Directors, if you can show they relate to your governance practice.

Assess points for less formal CPD activities to reflect how much they improve your board skills, knowledge, and abilities.

You can determine the value to your governance practice of your learning from these activities better than we can.

Download guide to allocating points

IoD facilitation

IoD facilitators can get up to 10 CPD points a year for facilitating. You need to assess and record your points yourself.

IoD mentoring

IoD mentors can get up to 15 CPD points a year for participating in the Mentoring for Diversity programme. You need to assess and record your points yourself.

Unfinished courses

We do not automatically add CPD points to your dashboard if you don’t finish a course.

You have not finished a course if you miss:

  • more than two hours of the one-week Company Directors' Course
  • more than one hour of two-day courses
  • more than 30 minutes of a one-day course
  • any of a half-day course

We may add points if you do not complete a course that is more than half a day long. Apply to the IoD registrar for a review.

Email registrar@iod.org.nz

Board meetings

Continuing professional development is lifelong learning. Institute of Directors’ CPD supports directors in their governance roles.

Attending board meetings is a duty of directorship and cannot be counted towards professional development.