CPD activities

Many activities count towards CPD, including everything you do to keep yourself up to date in governance and improve your board performance.

Your CPD activities are not limited to Institute of Directors’ activities. However, they should relate to your governance practice.

There are five kinds of CPD activity

1. Professional development and events

Professional development and events include your IoD courses, conferences, and branch events like workshops, forums, and site visits. They also include your non-IoD governance development and events.

2. Professional governance reading

Professional governance reading includes your reading of IoD publications like Boardroom magazine, The Four Pillars of Governance Best Practice, and directors’ briefs and governance updates. It also includes non-IoD reading in governance, online and in print.

3. Giving back to the profession

Giving back to the profession is made up of your voluntary contributions to the development of the governance profession like mentoring other directors, publishing articles, delivering presentations, and participating in surveys.

4. Board development

Board development is your learning from, for example, internal board expertise used for your induction as a board member, or external expertise brought in by your board for strategy sessions, board assessments, or whole-board training.

5. Learning experience

Learning experience is your reflection on an extended board activity like a governance project, initial public offering, constitution review, merger and acquisition, or change of governance model.

New Zealand Director Competency Framework

Use the New Zealand Director Competency Framework to find the competencies to develop to be your most effective at the board table.

Use the framework to test which CPD activity is related to your governance practice.

Use the framework to identify your strengths and weaknesses across the following four attributes.

  1. Strategic and governance leadership
  2. Informed decision making
  3. Business acumen
  4. Communication