Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development is an ongoing requirement to undertake education, maintain a current knowledge base and to improve skills and knowledge. CPD covers the activities, both formal and informal, which a director undertakes to improve their skills and competence within the IoD’s New Zealand Director Competency Framework.

Remaining a member in certain categories requires you to do this.

Associate Member

What is the CPD requirement?
Members, Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows will need to maintain 60 CPD points over a rolling three-year period. They will have three years to accumulate their foundation 60 CPD points, starting upon acceptance as a Member.

What activities count towards CPD?
A wide range of activities counts for CPD including:

  • professional development and branch events offered by IoD
  • professional development by other organisations providing it relates to improving your governance performance
  • other less formal activities, such as reading boardroom and making voluntary contributions to the development of the director profession such as participating in mentoring or IoD committees.

The number of CPD points allocated is based on a measure of engagement, not just the number of hours involved.

View further information on how to record your CPD and how to ensure you comply.

View the CPD Dashboard help page

Activities through other organisations
In general, CPD activities undertaken through third parties must relate to the practice of directorship and governance in terms of building the core competencies contained within IoD’s New Zealand Director Competency Framework.

CPD activities undertaken through external providers attract similar points as similar activities offered by the IoD. View guidelines to allocating points to third-party and other activities.

Understanding your CPD Dashboard