Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensures that IoD members stay current with critical governance issues in a rapidly changing global and local landscape.

CPD plays an important role in ensuring directors can be effective and well-informed in their roles. We ask all IoD Members, Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows to make a commitment to CPD by undertaking learning and development to improve their board skills and competencies.

What is the CPD requirement?

Members, Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows are required to accumulate 60 points in their three year foundation period which is taken from the date of joining the IoD.

Once achieved, the requirement to maintain 60 CPD points becomes rolling, i.e. points achieved in the first year drop off to allow for new points gained in each subsequent year. CPD operates on the basis that members take personal responsibility for managing their CPD requirements.

Aim to achieve 20 points a year to make it easier to maintain your CPD points over each three year cycle.

An average of 20 CPD points are required per year and can be attained through any combination of:

  • professional development and branch events offered by the IoD
  • professional development by other organisations providing it relates to improving governance performance
  • other less formal activities, such as reading boardroom and making voluntary contributions to the development of the director profession such as participating in mentoring can also count.

Other activities (self-assessed and self-recorded)

Members will need to self-assess and record CPD points for all governance reading and activities undertaken through other providers that relate to the practice of directorship and governance. These activities are best assessed by you, as you are best placed to determine the value of the learning obtained as a result of these activities.

As a guide, CPD activities undertaken through other providers attract similar points to similar activities offered by the IoD. The allocation of these points is loosely based on how closely the activities focus on improving core governance competencies and knowledge.

For further information, see A guide to allocating points

IoD activities

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All you need to know about CPD

All you need to know about CPD