How do I become a Chartered Member?

There are four steps to becoming a Chartered Member.

1. Have completed the IoD Company Directors' Course (CDC) or equivalent

The Company Directors' Course is New Zealand’s leader in practical learning for directors. The five-day intensive course comes alive through discussion, debate, challenging conversations and case studies, with board simulation exercises highlighting the unpredictable nature of business and the human nature of directorship. Courses run across the country throughout the year. View dates and more information.

For members who have completed the CDC sometime in the past and want to brush up on their knowledge before sitting the assessment, we have developed a two-day Company Directors' Course Refresher to support assessment preparation. 

Some IoD members have been practising directors for some length of time and have not completed the CDC. In this case the option to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in place of the CDC is available.


To date the IoD has recognised the AICD’s Company Director’s Course and Waikato University’s G3 Postgraduate certificate in governance with equivalence for this purpose.

2. Have passed the Chartered Member Assessment (CMA)  or equivalent

Full information on the Chartered Member Assessment and a downloadable Candidate Handbook are available here.

You are welcome to contact Lisa McRae with any questions on

Members who have passed the AICD’s Company Director’s Course assessment, or been awarded Waikato University’s G3 Postgraduate certificate in governance will only be required to sit the exam (Part A) part of the assessment.

If you don’t have a current board role, and cannot meet point 3. Be a Member of the board of a qualifying organisation, don’t worry, the Chartered Member Assessment will never expire. We encourage members to sit the assessment following completion of the Company Directors’ Course whilst the content of the course and the experience is top of mind. You can complete the last step to upgrade to Chartered as soon as you obtain a directorship.

3. Be a member of the governing body of a qualifying organisation

A qualifying organisation must be an organisation in respect of which there is a meaningful separation of the executive function of the organisation from the oversight and governance function of the organisation.

The size of the organisation doesn’t matter. You need to be on the governing body of an entity that has a separation between management and governance – not-for-profit, school and trust board directors can all qualify.

You will be required to provide the full legal name of the organisation and where relevant the company number assigned by the Companies Office.

4. Complete an upgrade to Chartered Member form, and a confirmation of your good character  and commitment to the Charter

All members of the IoD sign up to the IoD’s Code of Practice. Chartered Members must make an annual commitment to uphold the principles of the Charter, and to undertake Continuing Professional Development.

Chartered Members are also required to make an annual confirmation that they are of good character and:

(a) have not been convicted of any crime in New Zealand or elsewhere;
(b) have not been found by a court of competent jurisdiction, whether in New Zealand or elsewhere, to have acted inconsistently with any of my duties as a director or any of my fiduciary duties in any other capacity;
(c) have not been found by a court of competent jurisdiction, whether in New Zealand or elsewhere, to have acted (or failed to act) in a manner constituting serious wrongdoing or to have aided, abetted, counseled, or procured any other person to do so;
(d) have not brought the Institute into disrepute or acted in a manner materially inconsistent with the Charter;
(e) have not previously been denied membership of any professional body;
(f) am not the subject of any current disciplinary action in respect of any profession or occupation or before any court martial or armed services disciplinary officer, or been the subject of any such action which has resulted in me being found to have failed to act in accordance with any applicable relevant standard;
(g) have not at any time, whether in New Zealand or elsewhere:
       (i) been prohibited from being a director of any entity or being concerned or taking part in the management of any entity, or
       (ii) been party to or the subject of any enforceable undertaking or other arrangement with any regulatory body under which I may not be a director of any entity or concerned or take part in the management of any entity.
(h) accordingly am a fit and proper person to be a Chartered Member of the Institute.

Where the member is unable to agree to any of the points above they are asked to make a disclosure to the Registrar. Members should note their rights under the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004 before providing details of any criminal record

If you have any questions regarding Chartered Membership please contact:

Download Upgrade to Chartered Member application form