Board Evaluation

Run a health check on your board culture and performance.

Why do a Board Evaluation?

Regular performance evaluation and appraisal for a board is a key feature of best practice governance.

You will discover how the board performs in key areas of culture and capability, conformance, stakeholder engagement, meetings, role and purpose.

As the board defines the culture and operating style of an organisation it is vital to achieve an understanding of its performance.

You can evaluate the chair, an individual director, the chief executive or the whole board. You can assess how your board is performing over time, as data builds over subsequent years, you can track its improvement against best practice.

Advisory Service

Conducting a board evaluation sets an important base of strengths and weaknesses. The game changer lies in how you use those findings. We can provide a third party board advisory or facilitation service which tailored to match your boards’ needs.  

An independent, external facilitator will create a neutral environment to discuss strengths, challenges and your board’s future direction.

It will bring a fresh perspective and a best practice context to your conversations. We will work closely with you to agree the agenda in advance and tailor the facilitation to your outcomes.

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