What activities count towards CPD?

There are a wide range of activities that count for CPD. 

There are a wide range of activities that count for CPD. These include all governance activity that you undertake to keep yourself up to date and improve your performance in the boardroom and is not just limited to IoD activities. CPD activity must however relate to the practice of directorship and governance.

Professional development and events
Learning and upskilling through courses, forums, conferences, workshops and governance events (for example hosted by IoD branches) such as breakfasts with guest speakers, panel discussions, networking lunches or evening events.

Professional governance reading
BoardRoom magazine, The Four Pillars of Governance Best Practice, Governance Leadership Centre content such as DirectorsBriefs and the Governance update, journals, publications, and any other articles online or in print that you read relating to governance.

Giving back to the profession
Making voluntary contributions to the development of the director profession such as participating in mentoring to develop other directors, publishing governance articles, writing or delivering a governance presentation, or participating in director surveys.

Board development
Learnings from structured induction for a new board member, boardroom development for your board – bringing in external experts or facilitators, eg for strategic sessions, board assessments and board training.

Learning experience
Self-reflection from extended board activity such as a governance project, Initial public offering (IPO), constitution review, merger and acquisition or change to governance models


For further information, see A guide to allocating points