Answers to your questions about continuing professional development.

Who does the CPD requirement apply to?
All Members, Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows are required to comply with the CPD requirement.

When do I start?
Your CPD start date will depend on when you joined the IoD, and is one month after your billing date. You can find it on your member dashboard here.

What is the foundation period?
You will have three years from your CPD start date to accumulate the required 60 points. There is no annual requirement for accumulating points. During your foundation period you will not be selected for any CPD audits.

How will the rolling 3 year points cycle work?
Following the foundation period you will be required to maintain 60 points over a rolling three year period. The three years cover points accumulated for the year you are in, plus the points accumulated in the two years’ prior.

What if I am unable to fulfil my CPD requirement?
There is one safety net opportunity for those unable to meet their CPD requirement. This is known as the period of grace in which you will be given a negotiated period of time to complete the outstanding CPD requirement. If you are unable to fulfil your CPD requirement following the period of grace, you may continue your association with the IoD as an Associate.

Do board meetings count as CPD?
CPD is a commitment to lifelong learning to support directors in their governance roles. Attending board meetings for directorships (paid or unpaid) does not qualify for professional development.

How much will it cost to do CPD?
The cost is dependent on the activities you choose to undertake. It is possible to meet the requirement at little or no cost.

I am an IoD facilitator, can I log CPD points for facilitating?
IoD Facilitators can log up to 10 points per year for facilitating. This is an informal activity and you will need to self-assess and self-record your points

What if I am unable to complete an IoD activity?
Points will not be automatically logged if a course is not completed. Members will not achieve completion if they miss:

  • more than 2 hours of the Company Directors' Course (5 day course)
  • more than 1 hour of Chairing the Board, Company Directors' Course refresher (2 day course)
  • more than 30 minutes of a one day course
  • any of a half day course
  • more than two sessions of the Governance Development Programme

An adjusted allocation of CPD points may be applied if a member does not complete a course of more than half a day’s duration. The member should apply to the Membership Team Leader for review.

How are CPD points allocated?
The following elements are taken into consideration for each activity:

  • time spent
  • currency
  • design/formality of learning objectives
  • complexity/depth of learning
  • engagement in learning/interactivity
  • contribution to the profession.

2­­­­0 points is the maximum number that may be awarded to any single activity. This ensures that members undertake a variety of CPD activities over their rolling three-year cycle.

How is engagement in learning measured?
Engagement refers to the input required by the learner. This includes preparation and reflection, and also active participation eg. in a workshop setting.

Professional development with other providers
CPD activity undertaken with other providers attracts the same number of points as similar activities offered by the IoD, provided you can establish that the activity relates to your practice of governance as identified in the IoD New Zealand Director Competency Framework. The IoD does not approve or accredit third party courses or activities.

What is the IoD New Zealand Director Competency Framework?
The Framework was developed in 2013 by directors for directors through a process of literature review, online survey, focus group feedback and comprehensive review. It underpins the IoDs’ drive towards the professionalisation of the New Zealand director community and is used to inform a broad range of development activities and tools for both boards and directors.

The Framework is consistent, and should be referred to in conjunction, with The Four Pillars of Governance Best Practice.