Allocating and recording CPD points

Allocating points

Points are allocated to all IoD professional development courses, webinars, online learning and branch events. These points are automatically added  to your dashboard by the IoD upon completion of the course/event.

Consideration is given to the following:

  • time spent
  • design/formality of learning objectives
  • complexity/depth of learning
  • engagement in learning/interactivity
  • contribution to the profession
  • how closely linked to governance an activity is, for example is the total activity centred on improving board competency or are parts of it more general learning in nature.

New Zealand Director Competency Framework

To ensure that your chosen professional development activity is governance-related, and addresses the particular areas you wish to strengthen you can test the activity against the statements within the New Zealand Director Competency Framework.

The Framework is structured under four key director attributes, that combined inform governance best practice. Individual directors will have strengths and weaknesses across the four attributes.

  • Strategic and governance leadership
  • Informed decision making
  • Business acumen
  • Communication

Recording points

Once you have assessed the CPD point allocation for an activity, you can record this information into your CPD dashboard.

You are not required to use the online dashboard but it is highly recommended. Regardless, you will need to keep records of your CPD activities in case you are audited.

If you are completing CPD requirements or training that is related to governance as part of other professional bodies such as New Zealand Law Society or Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand, these also count toward your IoD CPD requirement and can be recorded on your dashboard.