How do I become a Chartered Fellow?

A Chartered Fellow (CFInstD) has attained the highest level within the IoD’s Chartered categories. Their qualifications, background, character and experience make them role models for other members, their organisations and the community as a whole. 

If you are currently a Member or Chartered Member, and would like to consider upgrading to Chartered Fellow, read the following in conjunction with the Chartered Fellow Application Guide. It is provided to assist you to ascertain if you meet the criteria for either of the two options provided, and if you do, to assist with the completion of the Upgrade to Chartered Fellow application form.

There are three parts to becoming a Chartered Fellow:

1. Member for 3 consecutive years

You must have been a member of the IoD for at least three continuous years immediately prior to making an application for Chartered Fellow. If you are unsure of your length of membership login to the website and check your Dashboard for your join date.

2. Depending on your circumstances, the following experience options are available. 

Either you must:

  1. have completed the IoD Company Directors’ Course and passed the Chartered Member Assessment (or a course or assessment determined by the Council to be equivalent); and have at least five (5) years’ experience (elapsed time) as a director or equivalent in two or more organisations of substance ; or

  2. Have at least ten (10) years’ experience (elapsed time) as a director or equivalent in two or more organisations of substance 

An entity of substance must meet the minimum of two of the three criteria below (for the most recent full financial year in which you are/were a member of the board):

Value of assets >NZ$10 million
Turnover >NZ$20 million
Staff numbers (FTEs) >30 (FTEs)



The definition of elapsed time is included in the Chartered Fellow Application Guide.

Please be aware that:

  • an executive directorship may be counted for not more than three of ten (or two of five) years elapsed time
  • directorship of a subsidiary will only qualify where the subsidiary meets the substance criteria independent of the parent and the board of the subsidiary has final accountability
  • directorship of a partnership will only qualify where that board includes an independent director
  • an application for Chartered Fellow does not necessarily need to include any current directorships in support of the application.

You may find the following websites helpful with sourcing the required information about the organisations provided in support of your application, including but not limited to the full legal name and registration number.

3. Complete a confirmation of your good character and commitment to the IoD’s Charter.

All members of the IoD sign up to the IoD’s Code of Practice. Chartered Fellows must make an annual commitment to uphold the principles of the Charter, and to undertake Continuing Professional Development.

Chartered Fellows are also required to make an annual confirmation that they:

(a) have not been convicted of any crime in New Zealand or elsewhere;
(b) have not been found by a court of competent jurisdiction, whether in New Zealand or elsewhere, to have acted inconsistently with any of my duties as a director or any of my fiduciary duties in any other capacity;
(c) have not been found by a court of competent jurisdiction, whether in New Zealand or elsewhere, to have acted (or failed to act) in a manner constituting serious wrongdoing or to have aided, abetted, counseled, or procured any other person to do so;
(d) have not brought the Institute into disrepute or acted in a manner materially inconsistent with the Charter;
(e) have not previously been denied membership of any professional body;
(f) am not the subject of any current disciplinary action in respect of any profession or occupation or before any court martial or armed services disciplinary officer, or been the subject of any such action which has resulted in me being found to have failed to act in accordance with any applicable relevant standard;
(g) have not at any time, whether in New Zealand or elsewhere:
       (i) been prohibited from being a director of any entity or being concerned or taking part in the management of any entity, or
       (ii) been party to or the subject of any enforceable undertaking or other arrangement with any regulatory body under which I may not be a director of any entity or concerned or take part in the management of any entity.
(h) accordingly am a fit and proper person to be a Chartered Fellow of the Institute.

Where the member is unable to agree to any of the points above they are asked to make a disclosure to the Registrar, Members should note their rights under the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004 before providing details of any criminal record.

If you have any questions regarding Chartered Fellowship please contact