Cyber-Risk Practice Guide

Put cybersecurity on the agenda before it becomes the agenda. This guide provides boards with five useful principles to help them understand and monitor cyber-risk, develop strategies for seeking assurance, and oversee management. It also poses critical questions directors have a duty to ask.

Cyber-Risk Practice Guide

Director Development 

Digital Essentials

Leading in a digital eraGain a fundamental understanding of the influences in this digital era with this interactive workshop. Through a series of practical case studies you will learn how to test the rigour of digital business cases presented to your board.

The content covered during the workshop include:

  • Board responsibilities in the digital era
  • How to determine the digital maturity of your organisation
  • Responding to cyber risk
  • Making informed decisions about disruptive technologies


Learn the steps to protect against a cyber-attack and to build a plan in case a breach occurs. In this online learning module, you will gain a fundamental understanding of the potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities in your organisation and actions to take to better protect and prepare your organisation.

Content covered:

  • Key reasons why your board needs to put cybersecurity on the agenda and how to ensure good cyber governance
  • What are the organisational risks? These may shock the board and IT department
  • Understanding what hackers already know - how and where your organisation could be at risk of a cyber-attack
  • Five straight forward questions to ask your cyber management experts. Including bonus follow up questions to ensure the board is comfortable with the risk mitigation plans in place.