Cyber-Risk Practice Guide

Put cybersecurity on the agenda before it becomes the agenda. This guide provides boards with five useful principles to help them understand and monitor cyber-risk, develop strategies for seeking assurance, and oversee management. It also poses critical questions directors have a duty to ask.

Cyber-Risk Practice Guide

Director Development 

Digital Essentials

Leading in a digital eraDigital technology is now a fundamental part of the business landscape. Whilst this doesn't mean that your organisation should be led by a team of IT experts, it does need to be driven by leaders who understand the potential that digital innovation can bring.

Do you feel equipped to navigate your organisation to success in this digital era?

The topics covered during the workshop include

  • the key drivers of the digital era
  • leadership responsibilities in the digital era
  • determining the digital maturity of your organisation
  • responding to digital disruption
  • making informed decisions about disruptive technologies.