Terms and conditions


The Tuakana Teina Chair Mentoring Programme (the Programme) is a Community Governance New Zealand (CGNZ) initiative delivered by Institute of Directors New Zealand (IoD).

Application criteria

All applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • currently hold the chair position for a community organisation (including NFPs, charities, NGOs and community groups) with Tier 3 or 4 status as defined by Charities Services
  • have been in a chair role for fewer than two-years
  • have at least one-year of tenure remaining in that chair role
  • be open to learning and sharing their governance experience

Teina (mentees) can be based anywhere in New Zealand but should be willing and able to travel to two collaboration sessions in a main centre (Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch) in March and October. Exact dates and locations to be confirmed.


The following requirements must be met in order to be eligible to apply for the Programme.

  • You have the right to remain in New Zealand to work and study for a period of at least five years
  • You have never been disqualified as a company director in New Zealand or overseas
  • You are able to commit to the time and travel commitments of the programme. This means that:
    • you are able to be flexible with your time so that you can meet with your mentor regularly, approximately 6-7 times over the 10-month period
    • you have the time and availability to properly prepare for mentoring sessions and undertake any necessary work recommended by your mentor between sessions
    • you are willing and able to travel to two collaboration sessions in a main centre (Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch) in March and October (exact dates and locations to be confirmed). A contribution of up to $250 (per session) toward travel costs will be provided per mentee ($500 in total). Receipts of travel costs will need to be provided as part of expense claim process. 
    • you will be New Zealand-based and are not planning to be out of New Zealand for any significant period of time between 1 January and 31 October 2022
  • You are not already a director on the board of an NZX or large company
  • You are not currently participating in the IoD Emerging Directors, Mentoring for Diveristy or Future Directors programme
  • You have read and understood the application criteria.


Terms and conditions

By submitting your application to the Programme you agree and confirm each of the following:

  • the information provided in the application to the IoD is true and accurate at the time of lodging
  • you understand that you will be notified by the IoD as to whether your application was successful or unsuccessful by email on or before 17 December 2021, and that no further discussion or review of your application will be entered into
  • you understand and accept the aims and limitations of the Programme in that it does not guarantee you a new or continued role on a board or a chair position
  • you consent to the IoD providing a copy of your application form (or extract from it) and/or CV to a number of mentors participating in the Programme for the purpose of matching
  • all personal information collected by the IoD for the purpose of the Programme is handled and may be disclosed in accordance with the IoD privacy policy
  • you consent to information collected by the IoD Directors being used for Programme marketing and publicity purposes including the listing of mentee names in BoardRoom magazine, on the IoD and CGNZ websites and social media channels.
If selected as a mentee in the Programme:
  • you consent to the IoD and CGNZ publicly disclosing your full name and region in relevant materials and communications
  • you are responsible for all expenses incurred as a result of travelling and attending events in association with this programme over and above the $250 contribution (per session) toward travel costs provided per mentee.
  • you consent to the IoD or CGNZ contacting you from time-to-time via email, telephone or mail in relation to the Programme
  • you agree to notify the IoD of any changes in board positions during or immediately following the Programme
  • any photos taken at the launch function or otherwise may be used for marketing of the Programme
  • you will provide feedback during or after the Programme in a timely manner, as requested from time to time
  • you will at all times, conduct yourself in a professional and ethical manner and refrain from any conduct that may harm your mentor or your mentor’s reputation
  • you will respect the confidentiality of the relationship by not disclosing the mentor’s name unless agreed with your mentor
  • you will keep confidential any information shared with you by your mentor and will not disclose any such information to anyone unless expressly authorised by your mentor
  • you will seek to avoid any conflicts between your interests and the interests of your mentor. If any actual conflict of interest or the potential for a conflict of interest arises, you will openly disclose that fact to your mentor and discuss how to deal with it in a manner which best serves your mentor’s interests
  • you will only use personal information supplied to you about your mentor (either by the IoD, CGNZ or your mentor) in a manner expressly authorised by your mentor

View Tuakana Teina Chair Mentoring Programme for more information.