What Matters - Shareholder and stakeholder engagement

Shareholder and stakeholder engagement

Understanding shareholder and stakeholder expectations helps to improve effective engagement.  Resources, development and branch events you can use to foster better relationships.

Having good foresight and processes can help you manage increased demands from shareholders and stakeholders. Today’s boards need to prioritise ways for more effective engagement with shareholders, they must also increasingly consider the needs of stakeholders, who due to technologies such as social media are able to place much more pressure on business to respond to issues that concern them. 


In February, the Governance Leadership Centre will release a DirectorsBrief, Integrated thinking – a pathway to greater stakeholder engagement. This will be followed in March with a DirectorsBrief on the evolving world of shareholder engagement.Shareholder meetings in the digital age

Our 2017 DirectorsBrief, Shareholder meetings in the digital age, is useful to organisations who are considering virtual engagement with shareholders.

The February/March edition of BoardRoom features a number of articles and thought leadership pieces on shareholder and stakeholder management. These include interviews with former Prime Minister the Right Hon. John Key on lessons on stakeholder management from the public sector and Ben Gleisner from Conscious Consumers, as well as information on engaging with institutional investors.

The Four Pillars also contains a section on annual meetings (4.13), and sections on risk management (3.4.1) and company records (4.7.9) discuss shareholder activism and shareholders’ rights.

Branch events and live webcast

This year, we are proud to announce our first What Matters live webcast from our Auckland event on 14 March. This will allow members to tune in from all over the country to hear a panel discuss Strategies of engagement for shareholders and stakeholders. This event shifts the focus from activism to strategies of engagement. Our panel, chaired by Mark Cross, will share their views on how to shape a long-term organisational vision that accounts for shareholder and stakeholder concerns with the goal of maximising value and sustainable success.
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Register for the live webcast

Branch events will be held around the country. Details are below and out of town members are always welcome at events.