BetterBoards is an online evaluation and appraisal tool that helps boards identify their strengths and weaknesses, assess their performance, as a whole and as individuals, and determine opportunities to become better at what they do.

Why use BetterBoards?

Regular performance evaluation and appraisal for a board is a feature of best practice. BetterBoards can help your board achieve a greater understanding of its performance in the key areas of: role, meetings, purpose, stakeholders, conformance, performance, management and board, culture and capability. BetterBoards is the only board evaluation tool that shows how your board is performing against The Four Pillars of Governance Best Practice.

BetterBoards not only looks at how the board functions as a unit, but also at the performance of individual directors.

Boards can choose from a range of evaluation options including:

  • whole of board
  • chair
  • individual director
  • chief executive.

You can assess how your board is performing against best practice, as data builds over subsequent years, you can track improvement. Many clients use BetterBoards in this way.

Why choose BetterBoards?

  • Simple to set up – Clients select from a range of evaluation questions, specify a start and end date and provide email addresses for the board members.
  • Easy to use – Individual members of the board each receive a unique login to the online questionnaire.  BetterBoards is accessible across mobile web platforms.
  • Impartiality – The reports are generated directly from the responses received.

If you would like to discuss using the BetterBoards service to evaluate your board, please contact us by email or by phone 04 499 0076 (if you are calling from outside Wellington please call 0800 846 369).

Our BetterBoards specialists are available to provide support to you throughout the evaluation process and to ensure it runs smoothly.

BetterBoards facilitation services

Conducting a board evaluation is a first step in assessment but the real value lies in how you use those findings. We can provide a facilitation service for your board to discuss strengths, challenges and your board’s future direction.

An independent, external facilitator creates a neutral environment to discuss issues and strengths and move towards the best way forward. It brings fresh perspectives and a best practice context. We will work closely with you to agree the agenda in advance and tailor the facilitation to your outcomes. Half or full day sessions are available.