From October 2017 onwards, a small number of members will be randomly selected for audit of their CPD records. This will not be punitive and is to ensure the integrity of the CPD system.

How does the audit process work?

The audit process is in place to confirm that members are on track with their CPD, and where necessary the IoD will offer assistance. It is not intended to be a punitive process. The IoD will conduct random audit of CPD records from October 2017 onwards.

Who oversees the audit?

The Registrar will carry out the Audit and report to the IoD Council.

Will the audit results be confidential?

Audit selection will be conducted according to an individual’s member number, ensuring that member identities remain confidential. Member records remain confidential and all CPD processes and activity will be carried out with regard to our privacy policies.

What if I am unable to fulfil my CPD requirement?

There is one safety net opportunity for those unable to meet their CPD requirement. This is known as the period of grace in which they will be given a negotiated period of time to complete the outstanding CPD requirement. If a member has been unable to fulfil their CPD requirement following the period of grace, they may continue their association with the IoD as an Associate.

CPD dashboard

Your dashboard shows you how many points you are required to earn at any point in time. If you prefer not to use the dashboard you may keep a manual log or digitally record your activity as you prefer. Upon selection for random audit you will be required to produce records showing:

  • date of activity
  • provider (IoD/third-party/informal)
  • description of activity
  • points allocated.