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Find ways your board can work better. Evaluate your board's performance and culture.

What we offer

We set up and administer evaluations put in the unique context of your organisation and operating environment. We support evaluation participants to complete them. We give you reports summarising participants’ anonymised responses and an analysis showing trends and areas for development.

With more than a decade’s worth of data for comparison, we benchmark your board’s evaluation results against comparable organisations and sectors. We can report this year’s results beside previous years', showing your board’s progress.

Your board can follow up these reports with an evaluation session – a group session led by an independent adviser.

How we help

Online evaluations give your board 360-degree feedback and self-evaluation. You get a report from each evaluation and an in-depth analysis of the results showing areas for development.

The whole-board evaluation examines the board's processes, outputs, and group behaviours. The chair and board member evaluations examine the chair's and the board member’s skills and performance. The chief executive evaluation examines the chief executive’s contribution to the effectiveness of the board against key criteria.

How it works

  1. You select evaluation questions from our comprehensive list and specify start and end dates of the evaluation.
  2. Each participant receives a unique login.
  3. Participants complete the evaluations at times and places that suit them, until the end date specified by the chair.
    1. Participants log in and complete the evaluations on their choice of device. They do not have to complete an evaluation in one go.

    2. Participants can add comments throughout the evaluations.

  4. We consolidate the reports from the evaluations and analyse the results to show areas of strength and potential development.

Online evaluation reports anonymise all participants’ responses, except individual evaluations. These give self-evaluation responses separately. Individuals receive their own evaluation reports and choose whether these are shared with the board.

We recommend you start your online evaluations at least six weeks before the board plans to discuss the report. This allows:

  • two to three weeks for participants to complete the evaluations
  • up to ten working days for us to deliver the consolidated report
  • at least a week for the chair to read and distribute the report before the board’s discussion

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