Evaluation session

Get the most from your board evaluation. This service follows the online board evaluation.

What we offer

We design and lead a follow-up evaluation session with your board. We bring best practice and a fresh, independent perspective to your board’s discussion of its evaluation.

How we help

The evaluation session is designed for your organisation’s context and goals and gives you a safe setting for your board’s discussion.

The session produces recommendations and an action plan. You can also have a second follow-up session to help you see how you’ve progressed on your action plan.

How it works

  1. An independent adviser works with you before the session to understand your organisational context and the strategic outcomes you want to achieve.
  2. The adviser leads a three hour group session, giving a neutral, safe setting for your board’s discussion of its strengths, challenges, and strategic direction.
  3. We give you a record of the session with recommendations and an action plan, including actions, timeframes, and accountabilities.

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...we’ve got the platform now to launch forward, but we couldn’t have done that without IoD's board evaluation service and without the self analysis of directors
- Stu Myles, Nova Trust Director