Start your journey into te ao Māori with our new app.

By Institute of Directors
29 Jul 2022
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picture of a phone with Hautu app on it over a background of green ocean and golden sandy beach

We have developed a Māori cultural intelligence mobile app to support our staff and members on their journey with te ao Māori/the Māori world.

We called it Hautū, which means to lead or to guide. It is also the term used for the leaders in a waka that call the time to the paddlers to travel in the same direction.

Develop your literacy and confidence in te reo Māori with

  • interactive tools to assist with pronunciation
  • common Māori greetings
  • guidance to learning your pepeha
  • formal openings and closings for meetings.  

The tool also provides a range of useful resources such as

  • tikanga (customs and values)
  • waiata (songs)
  • kupu (glossary) of key terminology.

The Hautū app was co-developed by the IoD and Kiwa Digital. This project is based on a tried-and-tested model designed by Kiwa, who have created more than 75 tailored apps for a range of public and private clients.

The app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store by searching: Hautū